Let's Get Used to Children Like to Write

Let's get used to children like to write

Writing is one of the activities to make children smarter. Children who like to write are usually easy to solve problems, easy to arrange words, less stressed and more creative.

At an early age children are easier to learn, therefore getting children to like to write at an early age is a good and appropriate way to educate children.

To get your children to like writing, you can use the tips below!

1. Get used to storytelling to children

Habitual storytelling to children can improve their reading and writing culture. First, maybe the children only listen to it. Eventually they will read it. After reading the next they will want to write it down.

2. Make a habit of writing simple messages

So that our children are accustomed to conveying ideas by writing, create a habit of writing, for example, writing to children, trying to make a communication day by writing, ordering by writing, having to express their wishes in writing and activitiesread out personal experiences. Activities like this will be very effective in training and improving children's writing skills.

Let's get used to children like to write

3. Participate in a writing competition

Encourage children to take part in competitions and send their writings to the mass media. As parents, try to be active in including your children in writing competitions or sending children's written works to the mass media.

In this way the child will be motivated to continue writing. Especially when a child wins in a race or is published in the mass media and gets a prize or honorium. Then the child will be more serious and enthusiastic in writing.

4. Give gifts to children

Give a gift when the child writes. For example, have a writing activity for the children every day. If they write for example poetry or daily experiences in one week in a row then you have to give them a gift.

The prize doesn't have to be too expensive, it's simple, for example, buy his favorite ice cream or something. children must be very excited.

In this way, the children's writing culture will increase. Those are tips on how to get children to like writing. Keep up the spirit, father and mother!

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