4 Polite Words for Childrens Supplies


Having a polite and polite baby is a dream for every parent. And to make children have a polite and polite character and behavior, it is not easy, father and mother, so we can get used to polite and polite behavior as much as possible from childhood.

well below are polite words that the baby needs to get used to since childhood. Let's just take a look!

1. Sorry

get used to it and try to teach the baby to immediately say the word "sorry" when the baby makes mistakes to others. Teach him to admit and realize that what he said was wrong. teach and accustom children to apologize for their mistakes.

Getting used to sayings like this will make your baby more responsible, have authority and are polite.

2. Thank still

teach children to get in the habit of saying thank you after being given something by someone else. Likewise when the baby gets help or praise. Why? because the baby who says thank you shows that the baby respects the person who gives, praises and this also shows that the baby has courtesy.

3. Excuse me

get used to your baby to say the word excuse me when walking past in front of an older person or in front of his friend. That way the baby will be respected because of his polite behavior. by learning to respect others means that the baby also learns to respect himself.

4. Please

Get in the habit of saying the word "please" to the baby when the baby asks for help from friends or other people. This attitude will show that the baby has good ethics to his friends.

Give explanation to the baby that life is in need of each other, one day he will also ask for help from others. and explain that doing that kindness can make him happier.So fathers and mothers try to get used to the words above with the baby because early age is a golden time for them to learn, especially about the manners that are needed by children to live socially with many people.

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