5 Bad Effects of Lack of Parenting Science in the Household

Every parent wants to do what's best for their child, fulfill all their needs and also make their children happy, something like this is what parents always want to achieve.

However, it is often done by parents without realizing it and doing things that seem judgmental hurts their children. Because parents only think from their point of view as adults who are more experienced andunderstand everything, on the other hand, studying parenting to understand and understand the child's point of view is not easy.

therefore this will have an impact on family relationships that slowly drift apart because of trivial problems that never subside.

1. Child feels neglected

Sometimes these trivial things are not realized by parents and make children feel unappreciated, the disappointment will make children think that their parents are lying.

For this reason, parents must be able to set a good example for children so as not to damage family relationships just because of careless actions, neglecting directly or indirectly will have a negative impact on children because they are lackingaffection for the family.

2. Deep disappointment with the treatment of parents

Love and building close relationships with children cannot be done just by giving them gifts and greetings, lest the children lack parental attention because they are always busy with work.

It will make the child disappointed and will affect psychologically as a child who does not have enough parental love.

3. Be rude and stubborn

No matter how angry parents are at their children, don't speak in high tones and scream, because such treatment will make them feel rejected and unwanted.

Parents' actions and harsh words will trigger children to do harsh things to others, including their own parents.

4. Looking for an escape in the middle of busy life

The family is the closest person to each child to complain and spend his time every day, because parents are role models and examples that should be emulated so that children can continue to develop and hone their mindset.

As parents must be consistent in saying and behaving, because from their parents they learn everything about life.

5. Prolonged depression

As a parent do not make it a habit to say negative words to children, because children have a very large memory to remember what their parents say in negative and positive terms. what parents have given to children, that's what they will do until they grow up.fights in the household also have a negative impact on the child, if the parents are not immediately aware of this the child will feel a heavy mental burden and prolonged depression.

For this reason, parenting science is currently the most important thing for parents to understand and be able to communicate to children in terms of conveying and listening to what they complain about.

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