5 Dangers of Parents Too Easy to Forgive Their Children Mistakes

Like humans in general, children are also not free from mistakes, both small and large and when children make those mistakes and apologize, usually as parents, you will immediately apologize to them in the hope that the child is capablecorrect his mistakes as well as a form of love and affection for him.however, frequent forgiveness for children's mistakes is actually very dangerous for children, you know!

There are some big dangers that arise if you as a parent are too easy to apologize for mistakes made by children. let's, let's listen to it so that it becomes a lesson so that one day it becomes a good parent in the future.

1. Children do not want to learn to realize their mistakes

maybe you as a parent feel that by forgiving your child's mistakes, your child will realize and introspect on his mistakes. but it turns out that too often forgiving children will actually make them unwilling to learn to realize their own mistakes because they feel that every mistake they make will be forgiven by their parents.

Whereas, by occasionally not forgiving the child's mistakes and giving him educational punishments if necessary, this will indirectly provide shock therapy to the child so as not to repeat his mistakes again in the future.

2.over time the child will also be very unruly and at will

Forgiving too often for mistakes you have done will make it even worse. so if as a parent you easily apologize for the mistakes he did. After you forgive him, is there any guarantee that he won't repeat his mistakes again in the future? existing, he will be more unruly and act on his own.

If you as a parent yourself are not sure your child will change, then it's better not to apologize to him. give your child time to reflect on his mistakes so that the child learns to improve himself to become a better person.

3. Eliminate the sense of responsibility in children

Because it is so easy to forgive a child's mistakes, you as a parent unconsciously have eliminated the sense of responsibility in the child itself. The child will assume that every mistake he does does not need to be accounted for because after all, the parents will forgive him later. If this continues, the child might be too free to live his life without rules because there is no great sense of responsibility in him.

whereas a sense of responsibility is very important for everyone to have and must be nurtured from an early age, including being willing to accept the consequences for mistakes committed, both for oneself and for others.

4. There is a chance that the child will make more severe mistakes in the future

When apologizing for a child's mistakes is easy, it is likely that the child will repeat the same mistakes many times, even worse than before. because he will think if parents forgive his mistakes, the problem will be resolved.however, if the mistakes are more severe and have fatal consequences such as fighting, getting pregnant outside of wedlock, taking drugs, breaking the law, or being lazy to find work when he is an adult, will you as a parent be straightforwardforgive him?

not necessarily! Maybe you will immediately scold him for hours and will not forgive him forever because what the child has done has made you very embarrassed and very disappointed as a parent.

5. If your patience as a parent runs out, your child can become a victim

Without realizing it, it's too easy to apologize for a child's mistakes will reduce your patient quota until it's gone. If you run out of patience as a parent in dealing with the child's increasingly rampant behavior, it is not impossible that your anger will suddenly explode and there will be violence both physically and verbally notcontrolled on the grounds that it has a deterrent effect on the child which actually makes him a victim because he feels that you as a parent no longer love him. even though besides the child's fault, this is also due to your own attitude that is too easy to forgive his mistakes.

So, you already know the danger, right? therefore, as a parent do not make it a habit to apologize for any mistakes the child has made. .try to be more assertive in educating children to learn to realize their mistakes because being too easy to forgive children will have a very fatal impact on the behavior and personality of the child in the future.

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