5 Dangers You Are Authoritarian in Managing Children's Life

When it comes to parents and children, there are many methods parents can use in raising their children, and each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Whatever method you use with your child, it really doesn't matter if you do it properly and know the limits, such as authoritarian methods or excessive management of children, the impact can be very bad or even dangerous. and the dangers of being an authoritarian parent in managing children's lives will be discussed further below, see ya!

1. Children cannot make their own decisions as adults

The first danger if you are authoritarian in regulating the child's life as a parent is that he might not be able to make his own decisions when he grows up. because basically his life has been arranged by his parents since he was little, so teaching him to be independent and brave when he grows up would be difficult. The danger is, he can be easily influenced by the environment and go with the flow that is not good.

2. He felt like he was imprisoned all his life

Then the second danger is if as a parent you control your life too much, your child can feel imprisoned for the rest of his life, you know. always being organized, doing things according to the orders of parents, not at all free and like not having the opportunity to live life according to his choice. Anyway torments the mind and makes it depressed!

3. He can choose the wrong partner only because that person gives him freedom

The third danger in controlling the child's life too much is that he can fall into the wrong partner just because that person offers him freedom. The relationship can end up being toxic, it could be that he was manipulated, or other bad things that were triggered by the authoritarian way his parents raised him. You don't want your child to be with a bad partner as an adult, right?

4. Ran away from home because he was too tired to manipulate

Fourth, too regulating a child's life is also dangerous because it can make him want to run away or run away from home. the reason is simple, namely, he thought that letting go of his parents and leaving home would make him free and happy.

In fact, the world is very heavy and cruel, this is very dangerous for children who do not understand the world and run away from home because their parents are authoritarian.

5. Having stress from an early age

then the last dangerous side is that children can suffer from stress from an early age. It could be because of his depressed feelings who are always forced to obey his authoritarian parents in managing his life. as a result, it becomes difficult for him to feel happiness, perhaps even feeling empty during his life. And this risk is certainly very dangerous if it occurs in children because it is related to mental health.

In essence, no matter what method parents use on their children, don't overdo it, for example, as in the above discussion

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