5 Fun Activities to Familiarize Yourself with Prospective Mother-in-Law

When in a relationship with someone, we also have to start getting closer to their family. as a girl, one of the most dreaded things is the difficulty of familiarizing oneself with the prospective mother-in-law. The impression of a prospective mother-in-law who is fierce, evil, and doesn't even hesitate to look down on someone we rarely meet, you know.

You can definitely steal your mother-in-law's heart with some of the following exciting activities. What are some exciting activities you can do to familiarize yourself with your future mother-in-law? Instead of being curious, consider the following list.

1. Shopping

who doesn't like when invited to shop ?. You can try this one activity as an effort to familiarize yourself with your mother-in-law. You don't have to shop for this, really. Hanging out at the mall is both fun too, right? You can too, you know, accompany your future mother-in-law when shopping monthly.As well as talking about many things, you can also ask how to manage finances in the household, you can also, how come you give references to products that are on sale when shopping with your mother-in-law.

2. Cook

You really need to use this one moment properly so that you are more familiar with your mother-in-law. Cooking together is really fun, you know.

You can also ask him to teach you to cook your family's favorite menu or ask your partner's favorite food recipe. For example, you can't cook, help prepare the ingredients or there's nothing wrong with it, right? The most important thing is first, girls.

while drinking tea together it doesn't hurt to get closer to him through exciting chats. For example, asking about how your partner's childhood was, what activities your mother-in-law has been doing lately.

Don't just discuss your partner, girls. Also ask about your mother-in-law. You can also ask him for advice regarding relationships or even advice in married life.

4. Sports

Sunday mornings are generally the perfect time to exercise. Don't just exercise with your partner, do it with your parents. It is at this sporting moment that you can try to familiarize yourself with your mother-in-law.

whether it's just a walk together, jogging, or even cycling. Not only healthy, but also more familiar with prospective mother-in-law. It will be really fun, right?

5. Picnic together

You don't have to have a picnic at a tourist attraction, really. You can also try a picnic behind the house. Whether it's a BBQ party, sitting while eating a snack, or just enjoying the scenery around it is no less fun to do.

Don't just be passive, okay. Try to keep talking to your mother-in-law. Show the best side of yourself so that it leaves the impression that the son doesn't choose the wrong partner. How interested in trying?

Well, that was the case, guys, some exciting activities that can be done to familiarize yourself with your mother-in-law. .good luck.

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