5 Personal Matters You Should Tell Parents, It's Important!

It is natural that the more mature a person is, the more he wants him to be independent and take care of his own affairs without parental interference. but you also need to know that as a child, some of your personal matters are something your parents have the right to know about, you know.

besides so that they can understand you better, certain things do need to be known by your parents in order to keep you from harm. Then what kind of personal matters are they? Some of them are in the following discussion.

1. Things that make you decide whether to get married sooner or later

First of all, you should really tell your parents about the things that led to your decision to get married quickly or long. even though it is your personal matter but parents have the right to know. So that they can understand your reasons for choosing that decision, especially if you decide to postpone marriage. It's not good if you keep this matter to yourself.

2. People you don't like

Your personal matter that you should also tell your parents about is who you don't like. This is important for you to do so as not to cause misunderstandings in the future, so that your parents know who they are not allowing to approach you. Then also avoiding your parents to set you up with people you don't like. 

3. the type of job you are in

Then another personal matter that is also important for you to tell your parents is about the type of work that you have been doing. Whether you want to admit it or not, this must be known by parents, regardless of whether your job is prestigious or not. Because if other people ask them, it would be funny if they don't know what their child does, right.

4. A serious problem that befell you

Then your personal matters that you also have to tell your parents about are serious problems that you are experiencing or are facing. This is considered very important, because no matter how independent you are, parents also have the right to know whether their children are in trouble or not. because even though they can't help much, they can at least pray for you to be given ease in solving problems.

5. The reason you chose your own way of life

Fifth, parents must also know why you choose your own way of life. This includes very important communication between parents and children in order to understand each other's thoughts. indeed the choice of life is your personal right, but there is nothing wrong if they know what causes you to have your own way of life.

Of the many personal matters, the five things above are some of which you should tell your parents. For security, good communication, and also those who have the right to know about you as their child.

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