5 Reasons Why Children Are Afraid to Confide in Their Own Parents

As humans, normally this self really needs other people to listen to our outpouring. when you are experiencing problems and need constructive advice, of course the first time you meet are the people closest to us, generally our parents.

however, not everyone dares to express their grievances to their own parents. What are some reasons why the child is reluctant to simply confide in his parents? continue scrolling down to find out the answer!

1. The absence of emotional closeness that was built from the beginning

because the relationship between parent and child is too awkward and rigid, surely this will make the child feel there is a distance that must be limited. What do you mean? Thus, some children feel that they are not so close to their own parents that they have no right to be honest with either of them.

This can happen, because there is no emotional closeness that is built from the start. for that, the importance of building good communication between parents and children.The method is to invite him to discuss or involve him in family activities such as watching together, cooking, traveling, and various other activities.

2. Often gets an unpleasant response

the child has not finished telling the problem, the parent spontaneously gives a nonsense response. Either that, scolded him, yelled at him, or the worst was giving children physical punishment that they didn't really deserve.

Oops, if the response was like that, how would he dare to pour out his heart. Maybe the child thought, it would be better for him to keep it to himself than to get the reply he didn't want.

3. Afraid that the problems that are told will spread to other people

There are many parents, especially mothers, who often discuss their child's personal problems with other family members and their closest friends. The topic of their own children is indeed fun to talk about with other parents. However, this can make the child not dare to confide in their parents anymore. of course he would be ashamed, for his disgrace would certainly spread by word of mouth. Children can be mentally disturbed, and maybe their personality will change to become more closed.

for that, parents must be more able to sort out which things about children can be discussed with other parents and which are not. Don't let other people know about the disgrace or personal problems your child is facing.

4. Parents who underestimate the child's problems

Often, parents tend to underestimate the problems their children face. they think that their child's problems are, in fact, trivial enough that they don't need to be taken seriously, or think that their child is old enough to deal with problems on their own.

even so, at least listen to what they have to tell first. Don't be too cool. .maybe, they really just want someone they trust to sit for a moment listening to the gossip that often makes her feel anxious.

No need to give him advice or grandiose advice, unless the child himself asks for it from you.

5. Worried if it ends up adding to the burden on parents

Yes, of course every child must be afraid that if they poured out their hearts, it would even add to the burden on their own parents. For this reason, a deeper understanding is needed, both on the part of parents and children to both be able to understand the problems faced by each.

the child must precisely choose the time, when they can talk about the problem to their parents. Meanwhile, parents must also be wise in dealing with the problems faced by their children.

Do not let the parents show an excessive response, because later this will actually make the child think that you are even more burdened after hearing their words.

These are the five reasons that are usually the reasons why many children are afraid to confide in their parents. It is necessary to have mutual understanding from both parties in order to establish good communication between parents and children.

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