5 Tips for Minimizing Furniture so that it is More Relieved and Easier to Clean

If you just have a house, usually everyone wants to buy it, right? To be complete, like a 'real' house. In fact, too much furniture can actually make your house feel cramped. cleaning it also becomes more difficult.

So much to wipe. If you want to sweep and mop, only the floor is not obstructed by furniture. well, instead of being complicated and spending a lot of money to buy furniture, you can apply the following five tips. Listen yes!

1. Using a multifunctional table

That is, you don't need too many tables in your house. for example, there is a kitchen table, dining table, living room table, living room table, also a table on the terrace. So, how many are there, the table?

Not to mention the desks in each room. In fact, the kitchen table can be used as a dining table. it can also be a dining table or a living room table as well as a desk for study or work and so on.

The important thing is you study neatly so that your table is not full of various objects. Don't forget to regularly clean the table surface so that after eating, your work files are not exposed to food stains or drink drops.

2. Reducing the number of seats

Actually you can, you eliminate chairs at home. so, just a lesehan model. Enough mats to sit so it's not cold. But it is not impossible that someday you will receive guests who have difficulty sitting downstairs.

For example, the elderly. So, if you want to keep seats, you don't need to do a lot. one sofa set is enough. If there are a lot of guests, some are on the floor. You don't have to feel uncomfortable with guests.

Try it, ask people. Surely many prefer to sit at the bottom because it feels more flexible. Especially young people. than most chairs that are not necessarily occupied and the bottom is rarely cleaned, right?

3. Minimizing items so that you don't need a lot of cabinets or shelves

Sometimes, what makes a house feel full are various objects on display. well, that's just a display object. Surely you need a special table or shelf so that people who visit the house can see it, right?

Indeed, it's a matter of taste. but if you want your house to feel looser, it's a good idea to reduce the variety of objects on display. Simply by reducing it, maybe you can also eliminate a table or shelf that is usually used to display it.

in addition, small displays require extra effort to clean. Need to be wiped one by one. Lazy a little, instead it becomes dull by dust. Shame right, seen by guests?

4. Take advantage of the empty space under the stairs

If there is sufficient space under the stairs; You can install shelves, cabinets, and even put a sofa. The important thing is when people stand up, they don't hit their heads. In this way, the room feels more spacious.

empty space spread out in the middle. Very practical for cleaning every day. Whether you want to sweep or mop, the furniture is not obstructed. Hurry up and get your work done!

5. Use a bunk bed or one that can store things at the same time

especially for houses that are not spacious, bunk beds are really suitable. Can you imagine, you need more space if the bed is not bunk? There are two ordinary beds, which means that you have to clean the two under.

if you don't like bunk beds, you can still get around your house so that it still looks simple by buying or ordering a bed with lots of drawers. You can store clothes, shoes, and books there. you don't need a cupboard or shelf anymore.

Today, the contents of a simple house are indeed dreams. Especially in the middle of your busy work. so that office work is done, house cleaning is also not neglected because you can do it yourself at any time.

From a financial point of view, it will be much more efficient. The price of the furniture is not bad, right? better save money or for other things that are more important.

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