6 Parents' Mistakes That Have a Negative Impact on the Future of Children

Every parent would want to do their best to raise their child. Unfortunately, not a few make mistakes when raising children. although this is a normal thing, it is not appropriate for parents to continue to let it be because this can greatly affect the child until he grows up later.

Read on to find out about common mistakes parents often make and can negatively affect their child's future.

1. Scolding a child in front of other people

Sometimes, when angry, parents will scream and even punish their children in front of other people. At times like this, perhaps parents only think about their children and don't care about others. but children actually think about the opinions of those around them.

The habit of punishing children in front of other people will make children feel humiliated and destroy children's self-confidence. it made them feel very embarrassed and it was difficult for them to forget the bad experience.

2. Closed communication

letting your child know they can come to you at any time to talk about anything is the first part of creating open communication. If you want your children to really open up to you, you also have to open up to them and make them understand that they won't be judged if they come to you because of a problem.

conversely, closing the doors of communication makes children more likely to discuss important decisions with their peers, who are unable to provide sound advice because they have no experience or understanding of the impact of their decisionsfor.

3. Displays bad habits in front of the child

Parents are role models for their children. Therefore, parental behavior can greatly affect children. in fact, according to the USA Today website, there is a strong association between the habits of mothers and being overweight in their children.

For women who try a healthy lifestyle, the risk of obesity in their children is 75 percent lower. .The researchers state that good habits that have a positive impact on children are having a healthy diet, regular exercise, not smoking, and not drinking alcohol.

in addition, according to Reuters, young children are 30 percent less likely to be obese if their fathers spend a lot of time playing with them.

4. Treat children like babies

By always treating children like babies, it means that you are forming a child who likes to seek attention until adulthood. Instead of showing them affection like babies, embrace their transcendence into adulthood.

preventing children from maturing is very detrimental to their emotional growth as adults and is very selfish behavior.

5. Damaging children's trust

however, children should be given the understanding that they can trust their parents. And children's trust, especially as a teenager is very easy to lose if parents lose control of their emotions and scare them. this can cause the child to lose emotional connection with the family and not feel protected.

Children develop better and grow up to be healthy adults when they feel that they are in a family that provides a feeling of security and trustworthiness. For that, make sure you don't underestimate and destroy your child's trust in you.

6. Too permissive and overprotective

Very often, parents try to do the best they can for their children. however, if children are accustomed to being permissive, they may grow up to be selfish, difficult to communicate with, and feel entitled to anything.

uncontrolled children will have many disappointments in their life outside the home and they will not know how to deal with them. Likewise, overprotective attitudes can make children easily afraid, so they will be afraid to take responsibility or get out of their comfort zone.

Any parent will always learn something new while raising a child. It is normal for parents to realize that what they have been doing so far has a negative impact on their children. The most important thing is, immediately return to the right path to correct mistakes.

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