6 Strategies To Change The Habits Of Children Who Like To Eat While Actively Playing

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Making children sit at the dining table is not easy

Feeding toddlers who have difficulty eating is indeed a challenge for parents. Sometimes, because they are worried that their child is not getting enough nutrition, parents let their little one eat while playing, because the child's concentration on food is distracted by actively moving. That way, children will be easier to feed.

This is the reason why parents still let their children play at mealtimes. In fact, do you know that this habit is not good for future eating patterns? As early as possible, children should learn to eat in an orderly manner by sitting together at the dining table. bother easy indeed! Here are some tips that parents can apply when your little one eats.

1. Encourage children to negotiate to allow time for play before eating

A child who is invited to eat while playing is likely to refuse. Because they are afraid that their little one will eat late and get sick, parents will usually give in and feed their little one while playing. It looks really effective, even though this method can have a negative impact on your little one's diet. He can't concentrate on food, doesn't even realize whether he's full or not.

Well, parents can negotiate with children to give him time to play. For example, children still feel at home playing toy cars at mealtime, make an agreement that they can play 3 more rounds. When the ration runs out, the child must be willing to sit at the dinner table. Tell him that he can only play again when his food is finished.

2. Create a pleasant dining moment at the dining table

Why do children prefer to play than eat? The answer, of course, is because playing is fun. Playing gadgets, watching TV or running on the lawn are fun activities for children. For that, the atmosphere of eating at the dining table also needs to be made fun so that children feel at home and like it.

Give your little one a chair that is comfortable and according to their height. Vary the food menu he likes so he doesn't get bored. Children can be given plates and spoons to learn to eat independently. It's okay if the table gets messy. Apart from training their motor skills, eating alone can also be fun for children.

If you can't eat by yourself, parents can feed your little one while telling stories or telling stories at the dining table. Swish a tablespoon like a helicopter that will land in the mouth of your little one. do as creatively as possible so that children feel at home sitting at the dining table for a long time until the food runs out.

3. Explain that we must appreciate the food given by God

Children who are accustomed to eating while playing are usually less able to appreciate food because their attention only focuses on toys. In fact, children need to stare at food, know the taste, and know when they feel full. Explain to your little one that eating is an important activity that should get attention.

Train children to appreciate food and eating itself. Build this habit early. That's why babies who are familiar with solid foods, should sit on a booster seat or highchair while eating. This can shape the child's view of eating while sitting down, not while out for a walk.


4. Train children's focus on food by removing items that attract attention

Managed to get children who play actively outside to eat at the dining table, but it was not enough. To be able to focus on food, children must also be kept away from objects that can attract their attention, such as gadgets. changing the games of children who are actively moving by giving them videos via gadgets so they can sit pretty, is not the right solution

Children who pay more attention to viewing than food will find it difficult to appreciate food. He will also rely more on his mother to feed him than on learning to eat on his own. Focusing on watching also often makes children eat food and forget to chew.

5. Describe the adverse effects of eating while walking, standing or actively playing

Of course there are reasons why children should sit quietly while eating. Well, parents also need to explain that reason to their little one. Tell him that eating while walking or running can trigger a child to choke, even vomit. Try looking for a video about the dangers of eating while actively playing and show it to your little one.

6. Consistent with meals and snack times

The interval between children's meals must be consistent, because hunger by itself will attract children to the dinner table. Set the time in the morning, afternoon and evening so that the diet is regular. Also pay attention to the timing of giving snacks, don't let the child be too full with snacks when approaching mealtime.

Well, those are the six strategies so that your little one stops playing and gets used to sitting pretty at the dinner table when mealtime arrives. Hopefully the tips can help, yes!

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