6 Tips for Building Honest Character in Children from Early on

Practicing honesty in children from an early age needs to be done so that children can grow up to be good personalities and can be trusted by everyone. It would be nice if parents have also started to build honest character in children from an early age.

Reported by the Ruangguru press release, there are various ways that can be applied to train children to be honest. What can you do? consider the following information!

1. Set a good example

As parents, of course we are role models for our children. What children see from their parents' behavior may influence children to behave in this way. according to the California Department of Education, since the child was 3 years old he was able to imitate the behavior of his parents.

Therefore, parents need to give examples of good behavior to their children. that way, children will also be motivated to behave honestly as shown by their parents.

2. Give appreciation when telling the truth

when the child is telling the truth, give appreciation, especially if he admits things he is afraid or worried about. Before correcting them, we can give a sentence of praise or a touch of affection that makes the child feel safe and appreciated. this can help children to instill honest behavior in the future.

As we know, children often do not speak the truth for fear of being scolded. therefore, make it a habit to make children feel safe when they say and behave honestly.

3. Introduce children to stories that contain honesty values

parents can also provide stories that have honesty value in children.For example, the fairy tale of Si Kancil, who likes to steal cucumbers and is shunned by his friends, however, one day he realizes his attitude and promises not to steal again.

besides these stories, of course there are many more light stories that are packed with fun and can provide honesty value. So, children can learn and get a lot of lessons to build their character.

4. Treat children honestly by keeping promises

Sometimes parents make small mistakes that have an unwitting impact on children's behavior. For example, when a child cries, we say "Don't cry, I'll buy a toy later." then when the crying stops, don't buy toys.

These are small lies that children can identify because they are disappointed when their parents don't fulfill their promises. we better look for other, more effective ways than not keeping even small promises.

5. Getting used to be honest with yourself

Training children to get used to being honest with themselves is not easy. sometimes this is difficult to do because there are fears in the child. Try communicating with the child to find out what the problem is, then help the child to be honest with himself.

As in the learning process during this pandemic. Help your child do assignments honestly even when the school system goes online. By providing encouragement, children will begin to understand and be confident in their abilities.

6. Support children not to copy school assignments from the internet

In a situation like now, the role of parents is very important in the learning process of children at home. In addition to assisting children in doing assignments, encouraging children to do tasks honestly is also needed.

help monitor and encourage children to do assignments on their own without having to copy from the internet, because what is more important than the value of our children, is a sense of pride in their own efforts.

well, that's the tips for building honest character in children. Always remember Bung Hatta's message, "No inheritance is as valuable as honesty." So, start behaving honestly from now on!

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