7 Conditions That Can Make Someone Tired of Homeing

Before marriage, most of us imagine how wonderful married life is. Aging as a partner and raising children. It's not wrong either.

but it is also not a figment that not a few people are then bored with their married life. Not because of the reduced romance of the partner, but because of the following seven conditions.

1. Independent partners while single or dating, but turn into big babies after marriage

Or in other words, his spoiled partner asked for mercy. Not with whining but nothing to be served. for example, drinking alone should always be made or taken. Not to mention preparing the clothes and so on.

In the early days of marriage this might not be a problem and it might even feel romantic. but with the many other tasks that must also be tidied up, it can make your partner tired. It is as if he is obliged to take care of the child as well as husband / wife.

2. The division of roles that is too rigid between husband and wife

the single breadwinner in the family may feel dizzy when even working hard, the results are not sufficient for the family's needs. While the partner doesn't seem to want to know, maybe even just scolding him.

this is also the case if all domestic tasks are left to one person only. Couples who share this role can be very bored and feel unable to actualize themselves. Just struggling with kitchen matters and cleaning up the house.

3.couples don't want to know about parenting

However, children do not only need to be provided with food and drink and then sent to school. At home, children need their parents' full attention. Accompanied by learning and character building.

Children need extra attention when they are sick or have problems at school. Can you imagine how big the responsibility is if it is borne by just one person? Later something bad happens to the child, the partner can only blame.

4. Couples always prioritize their extended family

Indeed, the situation is different between when the relationship was limited to dating and after marriage. When you are still a boyfriend, of course, your family should come first. however, after forming his own family, those priorities should change.

Not that big family is not important. However, this small and young family also needs attention. If it can be balanced, then it can be balanced. but if you have to choose one, abandoning your own family for the sake of a large family is certainly a fatal mistake. 

5. Excessive partner jealousy

There is a name for love, there must also be jealousy. there is no way to not have jealousy at all if a partner seems close to other people. But if jealousy doesn't have a good reason and then continues with various prohibitions, who won't get tired?

what is the meaning of a relationship without trust in each other? If the explanation has been given and still indulges in blind jealousy, this will be very torturous. Every day, energy is drained just to fuss about problems for which there is no evidence or witness.

6. Couples are too dominant, it can even lead to domestic violence

People who are too dominant can make their partner feel useless. voice never heard In fact, every opinion is considered wrong. He felt so stupid.

He can also lose his freedom to choose. It is even more serious if resistance to partner domination leads to persecution. no wonder he not only felt tired but imagined a breakup.

7. Financial problems that drag on

Economic problems cannot be underestimated in household life. Lots of divorces occur because of unresolved financial problems. This is the importance of strengthening your financial condition before deciding to get married.

even after marriage, two people who work tend to be better off than one who works. In this way, family finances will be safer. Indeed, spending is more pronounced after we are married, right? the more family members, of course the more the needs.

It's a relief if you and your partner don't experience either of these conditions. but if you are experiencing it, hurry up and talk to your partner and find a solution, huh? You don't know for sure how long you can endure that feeling of fatigue.

Don't be too late to save your relationship. while if you are single, knowing this early, hopefully one day your marriage will be happier and your partner will not regret spending the rest of your life with you.

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