Attitudes You Should Do When Your Parents Argue


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Household life is not always smooth. Sure, sometimes you find your parents involved in an argument and even end up in an argument. Your feelings as a child when facing this condition must be very mixed up between confusion, sadness, anger, and embarrassment.

So, here are five attitudes you should take if your parents get into a fight. come on, see below.

1. It is better to keep still while observing

When your parents look like they are just starting to have an argument, don't ever interrupt it. Usually, both of your parents are still in a safe stage of emotions, because they are still trying to express their respective opinions. At that time, the attitude you should take is to remain silent and keep watching when things get out of hand.

2. Do not get carried away with emotion for a moment

You must feel annoyed when you see your parents in an argument. It feels, you want to scream at them, that you really don't like it. Trying to want to mediate the situation, but you end up getting emotional too. Opening it makes the fight between your parents subside, but you will only add to the chaos of the atmosphere.

3. Really understand the problem sitting

If you want to open your voice between your parents' argument, you have to really understand the problems that occur between the two of them. If so, analyze slowly, which actions are not appropriate and appropriate to address the problem. If you don't really understand what happened, you might say that the words you say will hurt your parents' hearts.

4. Try to remain neutral

Relating to the previous point, when fighting, your parents will tend to blame each other. Here, you must try to be neutral first. Moreover, when you want to open your voice, between the two of them fight. express your opinion without judging one party only. Remember, after all these two of them are your father and mother, two people who are very instrumental in your life

5. Ask for help when things get really bad

The most terrifying thing is when your parents' argument ended in a very violent argument. Moreover, accompanied by actions that should not be done. When things start to get messy, out of control, and you can't quite handle it, immediately ask other people for help. This is done, in order to avoid events that have fatal consequences. as much as possible, the quarrel between the two of them had to be stopped first. Wait, until emotions subside and problems can be discussed with a cool head.

As children, it is our duty to respect and love both parents with all our hearts. Maybe quite hard for you, when you see the two of them fight. But, this is life that is not always smooth and it all depends on how you react to it. Hopefully, the article above was useful enough for you. And don't forget to be grateful today.

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