Be careful, these 9 ways to store food in the refrigerator are wrong!

When buying groceries at the market, sometimes there is something left over when it is processed. In addition, some others are deliberately buying food in large quantities to stock at home. Therefore, it is very important to have food storage so that food ingredients can last a long time.

The refrigerator or freezer is one of the most common food storage. However, it turns out that there are some mistakes that many people often make when using this one storage. What could it be? Here's the list!

1. The temperature of the refrigerator door is unstable so that the milk and eggs in this section quickly spoil. Better if both are stored in the refrigerator

2. Without being given a date "when was the last time it could be consumed" it can result in spoilage of foodstuffs before being thrown away

3. Stacking food to the brim in the refrigerator will spoil quickly because there is not enough room for air circulation

4. Placing hot, steaming food will increase the temperature and humidity in the refrigerator

5. Putting fruits and vegetables in the same place in the refrigerator will make them go bad quickly

6. Storing food that is still wet after washing will make it damp and can lead to the growth of bacteria and fungi

7. Placing raw meat under the freezer is not allowed. the blood on the flesh will drip and contaminate the food

8. Supposedly, older food should be placed at the front and new food should be placed in the back

9. Rarely cleaning the refrigerator can be dangerous, you know. In fact, it can cause food poisoning!

The use of the refrigerator is to store food to make it more durable, not the other way around. For that, pay attention to how to store each type of food you have. Have you done anything, have you?

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