Can Interrupt Growth and Development, These are 5 Signs of Children Getting Less Attention

As parents, it is important to give children proper attention. You may have heard that giving children too much attention will spoil them. however, giving children too little attention can also make them behave badly and feel sad.

Therefore, parents need to give adequate and balanced attention to their children. to help with this, you need to pay attention to these signs in children. If your child shows these signs, they may need more attention.

1. Too much to stick with parents

children can be very sticky with their parents for many reasons. Children can become sticky from getting too much attention and they are used to it. however, sometimes they can become sticky from lack of attention and are trying to get more attention.

Whatever the reason, letting the child grow up too attached to the parent is not good for the child's development. Therefore, parents must solve this problem as soon as possible.

2. Interrupt when parents talk to other people

some just interrupted because they couldn't control themselves, but others interrupted on purpose. Generally, the reason for the intentionally interrupting behavior of the child is due to the lack of attention paid by the parents.

This behavior is because the child wants the parent to see it and talk more with the child. So, if you find your child interrupting a lot, not only should you teach your child that it's rude to interrupt others, you should also ask yourself if there could be a reason behind the behavior.

3. Increased tantrums at night

Tantrums are normal for young children, especially at night after a tiring day. however, when children tantrum more frequently than usual, it can be a sign that their emotional needs are not being met during the day.

if at the end of the day the child throws a tantrum and throws things, it may be because the child is not getting enough attention during the day, either from the parents at home or at the daycare. Whatever it is, it's important to know the cause.

4. Regression in behavior

Lack of attention can also cause children to experience a decline in behavior. A child who was previously trained to use a bicycle may suddenly fall. or, a child who is normally able to share with his peers may suddenly become stingy and refuse to share.

This behavior could be because the child does not get enough attention according to the child's needs.

5. The child looks sad

No parent likes to see their child become moody and quieter. However, sometimes it's easy enough to make a child feel happy and happy again. Sometimes, all children want is more time with their parents, and more love and attention.

If your child seems sad and depressed quite often, you may need to consult a professional for help. But honestly, often it's just their need for more closeness and affection, and if you can give it, they'll feel a lot better.

giving attention to children is important for child development. If you find these signs in your child, you may want to check if you have given your child enough time and attention.

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