Causes and Ways to Over come Rebellious or Challenging Children

 Rebellion to the baby is usually caused by circumstances that make him uncomfortable and disapproving of one of the actions we take.

for that we as parents must be smart in correcting ourselves so that the baby does not become a brave child and rebels against us.

in more detail below the reasons why the baby can be rebellious or challenging and tips on how to deal with it. Immediately, let's see the explanation!

1. Differences of opinion on parents

father wants his baby like this, but mother has other desires that are different from father to baby. Even though the goals of parents are both good, this method makes the baby confused and stressed which one to do. as parents we have to be more careful because this way results in psychological pressure and depression in the baby.

So the father and mother must be able to resolve the dispute so that the child does not like to rebel. and hopefully fathers and mothers who read this article have never experienced an example like this.

2. Parents demanding excessively

Parenting like this should be avoided by fathers and mothers. try to imagine if the father and mother were forced to do everything their parents wanted without any feeling of love and love. That is a clear picture of the condition of the baby which is over-demanded by the parents.

then do not blame it if the baby becomes rebellious.and as parents who are full of tenderness and compassion, we must stay away, stop and change bad ways like this and let the baby choose for themselves according to what they want.

3. A clumsy parent

That is, parents who are always right, feel that their opinions are always right and never trust the opinions of their children. This is what makes the baby uncomfortable and rebellious.

as a good father and mother, try to learn to accept the opinions of others, yes and often see and correct your mistakes so that you do not become rigid parents so that our children like therebel and dare to us.

4. Children feel they have a lot of assignments

So the baby rebels or challenges, usually because of the many tasks their parents have that they keep completing. this condition makes them over helmed and depressed so that it makes them rebels. For that as a parent stay away from this kind of way.

and if it is caused by school work then you can accompany your baby by completing their assignments. And if necessary, try the conditions with the school.

5. Children experience fatigue

children rebel usually because they are too tired and tired from playing or something. When you face this kind of condition. As a parent you must be more eager to watch over your baby so that you don't get overwhelmed in playing or other activities that can interfere with their healthiya

6. Parents who are too protective

as parents because they really love their children so that they give excessive protection to them or parents prohibit children, for example, they are prohibited from playing outside the house because they are worried about criminals or are prohibited from playingwith neighboring children for fear of bad influences and so on.This attitude makes children rebel because they feel constrained by not being able to express themselves.

7. Parents are unfair

This condition usually occurs when the parent has two children and usually this occurs because the parents behave differently towards their children. For example, parents give more love to the first child than the second child. the attitude of parents that distinguish children like this can make envy and even revenge in the heart. Therefore, this attitude must be avoided by parents so that the baby does not become rebellious

I hope father and mother who already know the cause and how to deal with rebellious babies will be more careful!

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