Come on, Cheer up! Cause You are Easy to be Pessimistic



In living life, you must be faced with a difficult journey or a hitting problem. However, all these difficulties should not be used as an excuse to have a pessimistic personality.

I will remind you again that this is not an excuse for you to be a pessimistic person. Therefore, you must know what things and what habits can cause you to have a pessimistic character or personality.

Below are some of the causes that can make friends easy to be pessimistic.

1. Have no appreciation

So you need to know that if someone is accustomed to not wanting to admit other people's successes, this will also make the cause of that person very easy to be pessimistic.

Believe or not believe that people who don't want to admit someone's success will never go forward and have confidence in facing life. For that, your friends, don't get used to this kind of behavior because you will be easy and very easy to be pessimistic.

2. Feeling like you have nothing and not sure if you can be like them

Indeed some people have privileges (privileges, advantages), namely those who are easy to get anything, easy to do anything, for example, want a car, want to study abroad, want their own laboratory, want their own library, thisit is a fact that we cannot deny.

But that doesn't mean you continue to have thoughts and beliefs that you don't have the opportunity to make your dreams come true like them, huh?

Everyone who is born in the world has the same opportunity, it makes no difference. So you or they both have a great opportunity to make dreams come true. It all depends on how much we are willing to struggle and sacrifice to achieve it.

3. Talent belongs only to some people and you are not included

Some of you still often think that when you haven't found the talent you are good at, you feel that you are not like those who have talent. This means that you always think that you are inferior to them. 

Well this is what brings out the pessimistic nature in bro and sis and makes you fall even more in living life.

And remember my friend, don't make it a habit to say "I don't have talent" instead of saying "I don't have talent". If you say "I do not have talent" it means that until whenever you will be very difficult to have that talent but if you say "I do not have talent".

Well maybe now we don't have the talent but next time we can definitely achieve it, remember don't underestimate these short words. and also stay away from these bad habits so that you are away from feeling pessimistic and building your sense of optimism and confidence in facing life, so that's it friend. 

4. Being skeptical or hesitant when it comes to new things

You should be curious and want to learn this new thing. It's not that I'm afraid and think badly about this new thing. You should find out by asking what is it? So what are the benefits? Can it be learned? By finding out like this you will know the true answer from a reliable source.

And you need to know that this habit can also make us pessimistic in facing life easily. Conversely, if we get used to it then we will slowly build up our sense of optimism.


6. I really know even though I haven't tried it yet

So friends, we actually have to really know and make sure that it's really not good for you, not yet have judged that it's not good. for example, you know about this experience from other people who have tried and failed. Well, it doesn't mean that when you try and on, you will fail. Well, this is what is called knowing because you haven't tried it but have been judging.

We can learn from them, but we shouldn't equate ourselves with other people because everyone has a different luck place so friends don't get used to having this kind of mindset, this kind of thinking is thoughtwhich is a bit like that, this is what makes you have a pessimistic character or personality.

7. Too comfortable and dependent on others

So friends, don't get used to being calm in facing life and more relaxed and enjoying the facilities provided by parents or the term people say don't enjoy too much in the comfort zone. Now this habit can make your pessimism even bigger. Well that's why this is not really good for your life and happiness, friends, because you can't develop and when you are faced with something that has no facilities at all then you are confused, drob and depressed.

8. Not brave enough to compete

Not having the courage to compete or compete to achieve something, this can also make bro and sis pessimistic, haven't tried, but you are afraid, doubtful and don't have confidence that you can do it. Well like this, my friend, that you can't get used to. You will continue to drown if you don't fight back and reject your fear.

So that's the cause and the way so that you don't become a pessimistic person.

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