Do Not Like Comparing Kids

For example, how come you are different from your brother. Your brother is diligent but how come you are the opposite! for example again, look at your friend Adam he is much smarter than you! and for example, how come you are really stubborn, see your friend, he's quiet smart again! It is necessary for father and mother to know why we shouldn't compare babies like that, 

because your words will have a negative impact on the development and growth of the baby.

So that fathers and mothers think, ponder and stay away from the attitude of comparing children as possible by knowing the negative effects that befall the baby that is compared below.

1. Stress

When the baby is being compared, he will be depressed so that this makes him stressful. For example, children are compared to the words "why is your brother more obedient than you who are naughty! So father and mother say words like this will make the baby feel depressed because of the words earlier. Even though as a parent, it should help find solutions, not add to the burden on the baby. this is the cause that makes the baby stressed

2. Lack of confidence

The baby who is compared to the comparison will feel inferior and his self-confidence will decrease, for example, the mother and father say "look at Andi, besides being quiet he is also smart, so much different from you besides being stupid, you are also naughty!" well, words like this are what make the baby's trust decrease and insecure. So come on and mom, don't do this kind of attitude to your baby, it's the same as hurting their feelings.

3. Don't respect yourself

Children who are compared make him do not respect himself. He feels that those around him always think badly of him, become fond of comparing himself to others, do not admit his shortcomings and look for weaker friends to vent his shortcomings. Here are some attitudes that show your baby doesn't respect himself. That's why fathers and mothers have to be more careful in choosing what words to say to their children .

4. The cause of a dispute with his brother

Look at your younger sibling not even being asked, he already wants to learn to be different from you! Words like this that cause disputes between their siblings because they are treated differently.

5. jealousy

When children are compared, jealousy will grow in him. And this can create hatred for the person being compared to him.

so fathers and mothers should not let alone like to compare children because we have unwittingly damaged the development and growth of our own children. we will be the worst parents in the world because we hurt the feelings of our own children.

And try mom and dad to imagine if you are being compared with other people it will definitely not taste good right! Now that feeling is the same that is felt by the baby when we are compared with other people.

Mother and father try to reflect on the negative impact above if our baby experiences something like this or if the father and mother have difficulty trying to imagine if the father and mother experienced something like that.

comparing children is not the best way to guide and direct children.

Mothers and fathers need to know that learning to direct their children appropriately and lovingly is indeed difficult, but this is not a reason to use bad methods. Try to be more careful and correct yourself alone.

So fathers and mothers must believe that you can direct your baby in good ways because directing your child appropriately, gently and lovingly is a noble act .

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