Don't be Disappointed, 5 Positive Sides of Parents Never Spoil You

Parents have their own way of educating their children. There are those whose upbringing is quite hard, gentle, nurturing, or even indulgent. Even so, in fact they have one goal, namely for their children to grow up to be good personalities.

So, for those of you who have been educated hard enough and have never been spoiled, don't be disappointed just yet. here are the positives that you can take from the direction of your parents. Come on, watch!

1. You will grow to be an independent and tough person

Never being spoiled makes you a tougher person. you are not easy to depend on and trouble other people. Besides that, you can also be independent faster than children who are often spoiled by their parents.

2. Getting used to not being spoiled makes you more creative and full of initiative

parents usually give freedom to their children who are not spoiled. That way, you will have more freedom to express yourself. So that, you will become a more creative person and full of initiative.

3. You will appreciate a process more

By not being spoiled, that means your parents will let you try yourself to get what you want. yes, they indirectly teach you to appreciate a process because not everything can be obtained instantly. So, later you will be more satisfied with the results that you achieve yourself. 

4. You will be more sensitive and care for others

someone who has never been spoiled is usually also more sensitive to other people's circumstances. This is because you were taught by your parents not to be selfish and care about their surroundings. as a result, you become a figure who is more concerned with public interests than personal.

5. You are able to make up your own mind and never hesitate

Parents usually won't dominate their children who are not spoiled too much. the absence of intervention from them makes you more flexible in making choices and making decisions. In other words, you are not the type of doubt that is easily influenced by others.

How? You already know what are the positive sides of parenting that don't spoil you? All that they do of course for your good.

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