Error! Let Your Kids be Free As They Like to play the game

So father and mother playing is a very good thing to improve the intelligence and growth of children, but what we are discussing this time is when children are left free and they like to play games without any supervision from parents.

well this is what we need to understand and we are aware of. So that moms and dads understand how important it is to supervise when children play games, maybe my explanation below can make you even more careful.

In a health site explains that playing games that are excessive to lead to addiction in health has adverse effects, including:

1. Impaired eye health

Staring at computer screens and gadgets for too long will make your baby's eyes experience a decline in health, such as experiencing eye fatigue, eye minus and nerve damage.

2. Motor disorders

because it is passive and carried out for a long time, this makes the baby less mobile so that gradually the motor skills of the baby will decrease so that the result is the growth of the baby's body is not optimal andprone to obesity.3. Reducing the concentration of the baby

In a study, it was explained that addiction to playing games disturbed children's concentration. Children who play games will experience changes and dendrites of cells in the brain.

This is what makes the child's concentration decrease so that it is easy to forget and not focus. And it is necessary for fathers and mothers to also know that exposure to radiation from electronic devices can also weaken children's concentration.

If the above explains the bad impact on health. Next, I will explain to the father and mother how the bad effects of playing games for the psychological or the psyche of the baby.

in a book entitled 101 mistakes in educating children to explain that the effects of addiction to playing games include:

1. Less social

children who like to play games at home will prefer to play at home rather than playing outside with their friends. As a result, children are less competent when socializing with their friends or the surrounding environment. 

2. Child becomes aggressive and irritable

The fact shows that children who play the game for 3 hours a day can make their personal stiff, their emotions explode, when asked they answer briefly and harshly. when in school there are lessons that require thinking, their emotions fluctuate.In addition to the above impact, children who are addicted to playing games also feel anxious and irritable when they are not allowed to play games, want to continue playing games, are difficult to be told to stop playing games and do not even care about the surrounding environmenthis peers.

Well that is the impact if we as parents do not supervise or manage them in playing games. For that, as a good parent, father and mother must supervise and control them in playing games.

The tips below can help moms and dads supervise and control their kids in playing games.

1. Determine the game play time

Make a deal with the baby when and when it is allowed to play the game. for example once a week or every other week.

2. Divert kids with other games

Mom and dad can divert with other games such as playing outside with their friends. or mom and dad can take them on a bike or divert them by visiting bookstores and so on.

3. Make playing games as rewards or prizes

You can make playing games a reward if your kids get good grades or finish doing their chores or finish helping out with your homework and so on and of course there are limits.

4. Place the computer or game where it is visible

Do not let computers or games in your baby's room. Put computers or games, for example, in the living room or in a corner where everyone can see. so you can also remind them if they are immersed in the game.

So remember mom and dad how important it is to supervise children in playing games. For father and mother, keep on being excited, huh !

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