Foster reading habits in children

Childhood is a golden period for a child to learn anything, for that we as parents have to be more creative, huh! in guiding the baby.

Encourage your children to love reading, not teach reading, okay? different parents! between encouraging reading and teaching reading. If it encourages reading, it has the advantage that the activity is carried out by the baby with a pleasant feeling. Meanwhile, if you teach to read this can actually kill the child's interest in reading. This can happen if parents teach their children by force. So your parents have to be more careful!

at kindergarten age the baby's interest in reading usually begins to grow.

To get your children used to reading, you parents can use the method below!

1. Read a story from a book

you can read the story before bed or when the baby asks for it. Reading stories is also useful for the emotional development of the baby. There are many benefits to reading stories in early childhood.

2. Frequently take the baby to book figures, book fairs and libraries.

get used to this activity so that the baby's reading habit grows.

3. Providing an interesting book for the baby

provide books for children at home so that the baby is familiar with story books and choose books that attract children their age.

Hi mother, your father must be smart, yes, choose an interesting book for the baby's story because every child's age is different, so choose a story book according to the child's age and personality.

below, I have given you how to choose a book according to the age of the baby.

1. 3 year olds love books with striking pictures and short stories. In the world of writing, this book is known as a pictorial book. in the eyes of the baby the book was very interesting. In fact, according to educational experts, the book can generate interest in reading it.

2. Age 3 - 6 years old, likes fairy tales, poetry, stories about animals and everyday experiences.

3.ages 6 - 9 years, start to like stories that suit their hobbies.

4. Age 9-12 years, children have started to like folk tales, rhymes and mysteries.

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