Here Are 5 Simple Ways to Express Love to Mother without Making It Awkward!

I love mother

Indeed, the time to express affection to the mother can be at any time, you don't need to wait for this day. This can be caused by many things, but more often it is due to the stiff relationship between the child and the parents. so that the expression of love cannot come out in the form of speech.

Therefore, with the arrival of this Mother's Day commemoration, you should try to express your feelings of love and affection for your mother. however, they still can't because they are embarrassed and afraid that it will turn out awkward. Calm down friends, there are several other ways you can show your feelings of affection, like the five simple ways below.

1. Cleaning the house

Cleaning the house is indeed a simple thing. You might even have done it every day, whether it's being told to scold or do it happily. However, you can still use this method by cleaning every corner of the house until it is clean. Yes, like you clean up when you come or when you have a holiday; Eid, Christmas, and so on.

Your mother would love to see him. especially if you do this every day. Of course it will make him very happy. Because for household matters, he does not bother anymore, because you already have to take care of it.

2. Washing his dirty clothes

Maybe some of us are reluctant to wash our parents' clothes. However, there is nothing wrong with it on this mother's day when her laundry piles up a mountain you want to wash it. Besides lightening the work of mothers, this will make you learn more if a housewife has a lot of work. Especially if you don't have a washing machine at home. Of course your help on this one will be very beneficial for him.

3. Cook his favorite food

Food is the most powerful way to make other people happy. Especially if the food served is his favorite. Well, you can cook his favorite food. You know what your mom's favorite food is?

If you are the type of human who has never cooked. maybe buying food is the solution, but it's nothing special. It's better if you help him in the kitchen, whether it's an onion slicer, a seasoning saucer, or just the tasting part. Your presence in the kitchen certainly makes him happy. Especially if you have never helped him cook.

Help mother

4. Buying out of house necessities with your own money

Giving gifts may be something that can be done. however, sometimes it just gets awkward. Besides, it doesn't mean that the gifts you give make him happy. It's also possible that you don't have enough money to buy your mother a gift. Calm down friends, no need to be confused and afraid. You can, change the gift with household items that are running out such as soap, cooking oil, or sugar.

Maybe it is none of your business or rather all of those needs are your duty to fulfill. However, when you have money, there is nothing wrong with buying it. Especially if the salary is not large enough to provide several bills.This is also suitable for those of you who are still in school and have a little savings that you want to use to buy gifts on Mother's Day, but the money is not enough to buy the desired item.

5. Spend time with him

The problem of stiff mother-child relationship can be caused by a lack of time spent together. This also often creates estrangement in the family. Children cannot understand their mother or parents, and vice versa. Therefore, it is very important for everyone to have quality time with family members. If your mom is busy, give it a try, find the sidelines so you can talk together.

If you are the type of generation Z child who prefers to play gadgets than family gatherings in the afternoon. It's better today to stop all routine on social media first. Sit with your mother. If he likes watching soap operas, try to join even if you don't like it. Start a chat with him, you can start by discussing the plot of the story he watched. This way your mental bonds will be re-established. Thank goodness if you can say love too at this time

Those were five ways to express love to your mother without making it awkward. Although simple, but this is more meaningful, right? Happy Mother's Day and happy trying to be a better child!

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