How to Deal with a Baby Who is Afraid of being Rejected by His Friends

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In a book mentions a true story of one parent whose child often plays alone in class and comes home alone. His parents are worried that their baby will be lonely and slowly he will be lazy to go to school.

Her mother then asked her children's friends at school and they answered that there was one group that her child liked. But he seemed afraid to be rejected by his friends. This condition shows that the baby is afraid of being rejected by his friends.

So that the baby is not afraid and embarrassed like in the example above, the tips below may be suitable for moms and dads. 

1. Establish closeness with the baby

Parents who are close to their children find it easier to understand the character of their children and even their children can be more open. 

To establish closeness with your baby, you can use methods, for example, playing with your baby and so on, so the problem of your child who is afraid of being rejected by his friends can be easily resolved.

2. Buy toys for your little one

Give the kids their favorite toys because this will encourage them to easily interact with their friends. A child is usually very fond of talking about toys so this is one of the stimuli or anglers so that the baby can get along with his friends.

3. Invite one or two children from school to play at home

Because the baby is still small, so naturally he is still embarrassed to start or chat with his friends so father and mother can fish by inviting friends to play at home. Maybe at school he was shy because of many people. but at home he is only with a few friends so he will not be ashamed to play with his friends.

Those are the tips and ways so that your baby is not afraid of being rejected by his friends

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