How to Express Breastmilk and Store Breastmilk

Giving breast milk to your little one can be done directly (direct breast feeding) or indirectly. There are many factors that require mothers to breastfeed indirectly, for example:

  • Mama is a working mother
  • Swollen breasts because the milk is too full so it must be removed immediately
  • The condition of the little one does not allow to drink breast milk directly (premature or treated in the nursery)
  • Blistered breast nipples.

Breastfeeding, directly or indirectly, is equally good for your little one. However, indirect breastfeeding, there are several things that need to be considered, starting from how to express breastmilk properly, to cleanliness from the expressing device to how to store breast milk.

How to Express Breast Milk

Expressing breastmilk can be done either by hand or by means of (manual and electric breast pumps). Both are equally good, choosing to express breastmilk either by hand or by means of a tool depending on the comfort of the mother when using it. Expressing breastmilk by hand is considered easier and cheaper, but some other mothers consider the movement of the breastmilk pump to be more effective in expelling more milk and making pump movements more comfortable. However, the choice of a pump device must be careful because choosing an improper pump can injure the capillaries in the breast.

How to express breastmilk by hand

  1. Better to do it in the morning.
  2. Before starting to express breast milk, wash your hands using soap and running water and clean your breasts with a small damp towel and soap.
  3. Prepare a container made of aluminum or plastic, or glass. .Your little one really needs breast milk for growth.
  4. Lean your mother forward.
  5. Compress the breast with a warm towel to stimulate the release of milk.
  6. Place your little finger under the breast and stick to the ribs, while the thumb is on top of the breast, making the thumb and index finger form a C around the breast. Let the other fingers stretch to support the breast. 
  7. The index finger and thumb should be away from the nipple because milk is flowing from the inside of the breast (areola), not from the nipple. Place your fingers toward the edge of the areola or the area around the nipples.
  8. Feel your breast area, especially around the areola, if there is a change in the soft texture resembling a small mound then start to press firmly and slowly. Do it repeatedly and rhythmically as comfortable as possible.
  9. When the flow of milk starts to slow down, try moving your mother's fingers to another area of ​​the areola and starting to massage again. Avoid blushing tightly because it will injure the blood vessels of the breast.

Manual Pump

Expressing breastmilk with a manual pump is chosen by mothers who only pump occasionally.the first step to expressing breastmilk by manual pump is the same as expressing it by hand, starting from cleaning the hands and breasts, and stimulating the release of milk by expressing it with the hands. If you feel the milk has started flowing, then start using the manual pump to continue. If the flow of milk has started to weaken, try expressing the milk by hand again and then continue with the pump when it starts flowing again.

Electric pump

Here's how to express breastmilk using an electric pump.

  1. Clean your hands and breasts as if using reddening of your hands.
  2. Compress with a warm wet towel to increase the flow of milk.
  3. Connect the two breasts with the pump.
  4. Put breast milk in a good and sterile storage container.
Mama must pay attention when expressing breast milk using a pump, both manual and electric pumps, are the cleanliness of the pump used. Clean the pump with a mild soap specifically for baby equipment and rinse with warm water. In addition, don't forget to pay attention to how to store breast milk.

How to store breast milk:

  1. Save breastmilk the amount that your little one drinks and start with a small dose.
  2. If mom pumps at work, chill with an ice box.
  3. Use a clean container (bottle or sterile breast milk plastic) and label the date. .drink first breast milk that is stored longer.
  4. Breast milk that is placed at room temperature (250 C) can last 6 hours. Meanwhile, the cooler and ice pack can last 24 hours. In the refrigerator, with a temperature of 40 C can last for 5 days and in the freezer (breast milk in frozen state) can last up to 6 months.
  5. To dilute breast milk, place it in a container filled with warm water for a few minutes. Do not microwave or cook breast milk on the stove.
  6. Gently shake the milk to mix the floating breast fat.

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