Increase The Creativity of The Little Ones by Playing

We know that when the kids play and they are tired, they often fall asleep on the playground. This proves yes parents that the world of children is a world of play so we are very wrong if we always ask our children to focus on learning such as reading, writing and so on seriously. we as parents must understand that the world of children is play. Therefore, we must be creative and innovate so that children's growth develops optimally.

according to montessori child education experts that there are 3 types of games that are suitable for developing children's creativity. Anything? Come on, just look at the explanation!

1. Manipulative play

Children are required to reconstruct their knowledge, experience and logic in this game. This game is very good for increasing the intelligence of the baby. examples of this game are puzzles, lego, counting activities, grouping, compiling and so on. you have to provide and participate in the game huh!

2. Skillful game in life

This game is useful for training the skills of the baby and is also useful for optimizing growth and development in the future. This game can make your baby skilled and independent.

examples of this game are trade, rice fields, cooking and so on.

3. Environmental love games

In this game, children are taught from an early age to love the environment. examples of this game are garden-gardens, watering plants, decorating rooms and so on. This game teaches children that loving the environment is something fun.

I hope the tips and methods above are useful for mom and dad.

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