Instilling Good Ethics in Associating with Children

Hi parents! You must know! that socializing is one way to improve children's social intelligence. And social intelligence is one of the important needs for children.

In a study, there were 95 Harvard students graduating in the 1940s. After conducting research on them for decades the researchers stated that students who had high intelligence but were less able to get along were not very successful (based on productivity status andwork status) compared to students who have mediocre intelligence but are good at socializing.

And many psychologists also state that social intelligence is a need that must be met for someone otherwise they will experience many mental disorders.

Therefore you as parents must understand how important social intelligence is for children. .And to smoothen social relations and make children skilled in socializing children must also understand how to be polite with their friends so that they are liked by their friends.

below are ways and tips so that your baby can get along in a polite and kind way with his friends.

1. Instill in the baby so that he does not usually interrupt his friend's conversation

Teach and instill in your baby that interrupting the words or conversations of other people or friends is bad and bad deeds. Teach your baby to wait for his friend to finish talking before he can take turns talking. teach how to start a conversation politely and nicely.

2. Teach the children not to judge someone by their appearance

Give understanding to the baby that a good person cannot be seen from the outside and his appearance, but we have to get to know someone more deeply.

3.Calling older people with the correct title such as uncle or aunt

Do not make children get used to calling older people by saying their names directly, yes parents even though other people or adults want to call their names. because this will show that the child has good manners.

4. Cover mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing

Instill in the baby to cover the mouth when sneezing and coughing apart from showing good ethics this action can also prevent the virus from spreading quickly due to sneezing or coughing.

5. Respect for elders

So parents try to guide their children to respect their elders. Try to teach yes that respecting older people is a good and noble deed. You can also give a rewerd or a gift if your baby does this good deed.and just reminding you parents that you have to be more careful in taking care of your little ones when watching TV or surfing the internet because there are also many soap operas or films that show snaps and yell at themvery influential on the ethics and manners of the children.

6. Clever in empathy

Teach children to be responsive when they see friends or neighbors who are sick, namely by inviting children to visit or visit friends who are sick and also teach children to joke and smile at friends who are sick sohis friend was more enthusiastic to recover.7. Do not mock his friends

Try parents to teach and instill in their children so that they don't like to make fun of their friends. Give an explanation that this action is not good and should not be made into the habit. explain to the baby by asking him what if it happened to him.

Those are tips to teach to get along with good manners for your baby.

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