Let Not Regret, 5 Reasons Don't Underestimate Advice from Parents

I just admit that when our parents advise us sometimes we are lazy to just listen to it. This is not without reason, because the advice they give is sometimes irrelevant to the circumstances we are experiencing.

yes, even though the advice they give us sometimes doesn't suit your situation, don't ever underestimate it. because we believe every parent will want the best for their child, here are 5 reasons not to underestimate parental advice.

1. They were young

The first reason why you should never underestimate advice from parents is that they have been young, have tasted the bitter acid of life. Of course, as people who know better, they are very aware of what is best for their children.

there's no way they can give advice to bring you down or harm you. Yes, even though the advice is sometimes irrelevant to your situation, still respect his opinion.

2. Have gone through various life experiences first

the next reason is that they have gone through various experiences first. They have already tasted the bitter sweetness of life, trials, and tests. learn from that experience, why do they want their children to be more careful in making decisions and think before acting. that is why if you are advised by someone do not rush to underestimate in case the advice holds valuable advice.

3. Different points of view

The next reason is because parents have a different point of view. what you think and think is the best choice is not necessarily the same as parents think. The difference in point of view between them is what sometimes makes communication miss. but if you want to re-think their point of view it could be the best because they have experienced life experience more than us. 

4. As a form of concern for you

who would have thought that the parents who gave that advice were actually a form of concern for you, you knowthey don't want you to make the same mistakes, be able to learn from your past experiences, and be more careful in your actions and decisions.

however, their attitudes are sometimes overprotective, as a result of which they are too controlling and interfering in our lives. it is your job to explain to them not to overdo it and make sure that you can take good care of yourself.

5. Who knows they have experienced what you feel right now

The next reason why don't underestimate advice from parents is who knows they have experienced what you feel right now. they don't want you to make the same mistakes, so he advises you so that you can learn from your past experiences.

Of course talking about their life is already rich in experience. so, don't let you regret ignoring his advice.

We often think of advice from parents as old-fashioned, not in accordance with our current circumstances, and just empty talk. but as a parent you want the best for your child, so respect his opinion.

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