Let's Get Used to Independent Children from an Early Age

Not always the baby will depend on the parents. There are times when they have to do it themselves. And we as parents do not want our children to grow up to be lazy children.

for that we should not overlook to get the kids to live independently.

Below are tips and ways to get your baby accustomed to being independent.

1. Involve the baby to participate in making the bed

invite your baby to tidy up and sleep with you. First, let him see first. Furthermore, you can ask your baby to help out.

The baby also has to tidy it up appropriately. And do this activity in a gradual way, starting from mild to difficult. This activity will train the baby to be creative and independent.

2. Involve the baby in the kitchen

Do this activity in stages and let him take a look so that the baby gets used to it and gets to know what is in the kitchen. if the baby is getting used to it then let him do it by playing then if the baby is ready then we just tell him to do it.

3. Get used to children washing

For the first time, invite your children to wash cups, plates, etc. made of plastic first then continue with glass. Just do it slowly.

Like wise, get used to the baby to wash like shoes, bags, clothes themselves and do it gradually and slowly.

Make it a habit for your children to do everything themselves so that their creativity and independence develop quickly.

4. Cleaning the floor

Teach your children to clean the floor, this activity is not so dangerous, so the kids will get used to it soon. It remains how we as parents to get children to do this activity.

4. Tidy up the book

Don't let your kids let their books scatter after they have finished studying or doing assignments. This habit will make him a messy person. So slowly teach your kids to tidy up their own books, help them sort their books so they can easily find them.

getting your kids used to doing this activity will make them independent in tidying up the place where the activity is used. This activity will also develop children's creativity in managing their life goals and aspirations in the future.

5. Take care of yourself

We as parents do not want our children to be spoiled and lazy. "What a pity!" so get used to the baby to take care of himself.

How to try after taking a shower get used to the kids comb their own hair and let the kids choose their own clothes or clothes if it doesn't fit then we can give input by getting used to like this, your baby will get used to it.

Children who are accustomed to doing this will be good at taking care of themselves. By choosing their own clothes your baby will learn to make the right choice for themselves. Your baby will also be confident about appearing in public.

That's how and tips for our children to become independent.

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