Music Stimulation During Pregnancy

Music stimulation during pregnancy is thought to help the fetus's brain develop more optimally. Is it true?

The following are the various benefits of musical stimulation that you and your fetus can feel.

  • Music can reduce your anxiety during pregnancy. You need to know that stress, anxiety and depression that strike when you are pregnant can affect the health of the fetus as well. Whether you realize it or not, the fetus in the womb can also feel what you feel. Reduce anxiety, excess stress and depression by listening to music. The fetus will also feel the benefits of the music that you listen to, whatever the type of music, as long as the rhythm is calm and soft, it will definitely have a good effect on the fetus and mother.
  •  For the fetus, starting at 28 weeks, he can already hear sounds from the mother's body, such as heartbeat, blood flow and even caressing on the stomach. Furthermore, the fetus begins to hear sounds from outside the mother's body. Mothers can prove it by inviting the fetus to talk or listen to any kind of music. As a reaction, he will move, indicating that his brain can receive stimuli from outside.
  • Listening to music provides an emotional balance effect for your little one and gives calm to the mother and the fetus. According to research, the main benefit of music is to increase the concentration ability for the fetus that the mother is carrying. this ability to concentrate will later be useful for his speaking and social skills that appear more quickly. With high concentration skills, children also more easily absorb information obtained from the environment.

Apart from stimulating the fetus, you also need to optimize its development with nutritional intake.

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