Parents Must Know, Here Are 7 Games That Can Sharpen Children's Brains

Parents and those who will become prospective parents are also required to know about games that can sharpen the brain for the baby. because parents play an important role for the growth and development of the child in the future, you know!

It is necessary for parents to know the important developmental phases in the child's age need to be taken into consideration when choosing toys for children. This series of phases starts from the time the baby is born, until he enters school.

Now, to choose a game that is suitable for your baby, let's just look at the explanation of the seven games that can sharpen children's brains, below.

1. Maze 

This maze game, known as the maze, is a game that can sharpen your little one's brain. This game aims to determine the path or find a predetermined solution.

The benefit your little one gets while playing maze is improving hand and eye coordination when the child tracks the path correctly. This game at the same time can also improve problem-solving skills to find a way out.

2. Rubik's cube

Did you like playing Rubik's cube as a child? Well, you can give this one game to your baby too, you know! This Rubik's cube has a size of 3x3 with 6 sides and consists of 27 small parts connected to each other on an axis. The Rubik's cube also has different colored surfaces, namely white, yellow, blue, red, orange and green. To finish this game, the child must make the Rubik's surface the same color on each side.

The benefits of playing Rubik's cube for your little one are that it can improve children's finger dexterity and agility, develop problem-solving skills and improve cognitive abilities, focus and concentration.

3. Hide and seek

who doesn't know this legendary game? It feels like hide and seek is one of the most exciting games to do with friends. You don't need to go far, you can also invite your children to play hide and seek at home, you know!

By playing hide and seek, the child can improve their analytical skills. Children can also learn to count, socialize and help them differentiate between proper hiding places.

4. Puzzle

puzzle aka puzzle game with the loading and unloading system is also very suitable for sharpening the brain of the child, you know! This game can train the child's memory skills to recall the previous whole picture pieces.

According to a study conducted by the University of Chicago, United States in 2011 showed the results that toddlers who used to play puzzles had better spatial visual abilities than those who didn't. this is due to the ability to recognize and understand shape, size, color and space.

5. Unloading blocks

This popular game uses colorful blocks that can be assembled into various shapes, such as houses, castles and cars. This game is great for tapping children's brains to think about assembling blocks according to the shape they want.

In addition, this game can also increase the creativity and imagination of the child. arranging lego also requires the right position between one form and another, this also trains children's hand, eye coordination and motor skills.

6. Flash card

Next there is a flash card, this one game is in the form of a card set that has a variety of images, sizes, numbers and vocabulary. Well, you can easily find flash cards in toy stores.

the benefits of playing flash cards are to train your little one to recognize numbers, letters, pictures, colors and learn new vocabulary. Of course, this game can indirectly help the child to train their concentration and memory.

7. Shape Shorter

The name of this game may still sound foreign in our society.Shorter shape itself is a game that has various shapes such as balls, cars or squares that have holes in the shape of hexagons, triangles, squares and even stars.

The way the child plays the game is to insert the shaped pieces into a hole that has a similar shape. Once all the pieces are in it, the child can start over by simply opening the lid.

The benefits of playing Shapes for children are that it can practice problem-solving skills, increase the ability to learn various shapes and colors and train children's motor skills.

well, those are some games that can be a recommendation for the baby at home. Besides being fun, educational games are certainly good for children's development. The point is the baby is happy, the parents are calm.

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