Prohibition! Despair easily when your baby has difficulty eating

Which parents want their children to eat difficult and malnourished.many parents complain about this problem even it causes parents stress. It is natural for parents to feel depressed because they are worried that their fruit is malnourished. but this is not a reason for parents to despair in persuading babies who have difficulty eating.

So here, father and mother, there are two causes for the baby to be difficult to eat. the first is physical factors, for example, indigestion and so on.the second is psychological factors, for example, an unpleasant atmosphere because parents force them to eat foods that are not liked by their children or because of the effects of household problems and so on.

then what do you do so that our little ones are not difficult to eat?so moms and dads try to try to serve food attractively such as rice that is printed in a cute shape like a duck or something else or put on a plate with a funny picture. try to give the baby a variety of foods, not just that menu every day.

If your baby only wants to eat the food he likes, then mom and dad can handle it by adding nutritious foods.

things that also need to be considered for the father and mother are not to threaten the baby to want to eat. Giving threats to the heart to want to eat will make an impression on the baby that eating is a scary thing and this can make the baby psychologically traumatized and also afraid that eating can be a threat to himgrow up.

Schedule mealtimes for the kids regularly because this will make the kids not lazy in eating activities. Avoid activities that interfere with eating activities such as watching TV or nearby toys. and eliminate the habit of drinking when eating. This will make the portion of the baby eat less. Because the baby will be full with drinking and interfere with food that enters the stomach.

avoid giving large portions of food for the baby. Give food to children little by little. You can also give healthy snacks such as yogurt, fruit slices, ice cream pudding and so on.

I hope the tips above can make mothers and fathers more enthusiastic about caring for and guiding their children, especially in dealing with babies who have difficulty eating.

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