Prohibition! Looking for The Black Goat

In a story there is a child who is falling, he then cries and his mother, who tries to calm him down, says cup cup! Don't cry, the lizard has run away and the mother has hit it. Finally the child stopped crying. .In addition to animals, parents also often blame other things, for example a child is hitting the door, so the parents hit the door, making it the cause "cup cup, don't cry again, the door has hit the father" even though as their parentshould tell you the truth.

As parents, they should teach their children to have a responsible spirit, but when they see the example above, parents teach children to blame others and not have a sense of responsibility. The example above actually educates and directs the child to have a selfish attitude, so this actually makes it difficult for children to introspect themselves and in the end it is very difficult for them to be someone who is responsible

Actually the example above is the fault of the child himself, therefore do not often and get used to it, father and mother blame things that hurt the baby, this habit of blaming is what will be embedded in the baby andthis will make the baby become a child who likes to blame others.

The baby often blames other people or this situation will make the baby not brave or unable to take risks. The baby also cannot solve the problem because he always closes or solves the problem by blaming other people. 

This also happens when the baby fails the test, he will tend to blame it because his friend is noisy or because the teacher is not good at teaching or anything else. 

And even when he grows up and enters the world of work, the baby will often get into trouble with his co-workers because he is often irresponsible, likes to blame others and often runs away from problems.

Therefore, fathers and mothers must be more careful in choosing the right way of educating the baby because we know for ourselves what the consequences will be if we are careless in directing or educating children and don't forget we have tocontinue to be passionate about educating children. If not father and mother who else.

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