Prohibition! Saying Unkind Words to Children

This action is strictly prohibited in guiding children but in fact parents still often say bad words to their children. In a book entitled 101 Mistakes in Educating Children say, for example, an arrogant parent says to his child "you will not succeed if you don't hear the words of mom and dad?" why this word should not be said to the baby because the baby will feel sick to hear these words.

And the baby also understands that the little child doesn't know anything and must obey what the parents say. This reason makes children not free to express their opinions and they also feel hurt.

Then next, dubbing children with unkind words such as lazy children, sloppy children, stupid kids and so on. so mothers and fathers need to know that these words are very painful for the baby because they are still small and innocent. And because of this attitude, the baby feels really like a careless and lazy child. this is what makes the baby become insecure, hate, stubborn to depression.

Then, for example, "how come you are different from your brother if your brother is never asked to study, see your brother's performance is better than yours?" It is necessary for fathers and mothers to know that this saying makes the baby feel and believe he has shortcomings and is not smart so that the next day he becomes really not smart, stupid and has flaws.

then for example "don't cry, you whiny!" So moms and dads need to know that young children still have a hard time saying something, so they often say it through crying as a father and mother, don't say like that, use a good way so that the baby doesn't feel hurted.

For example, when the child wants to help sweep and the child is not able to sweep it properly, parents say "it's not like that, let the mother do it." These words are spoken when the child is unable to do what their parents say.

Now this is what parents should not do other than to cut off their creativity, reduce their self-confidence. As a good parent, the father and mother should say "here let the mother help" then you help by doing it together.

For example, like "I can do this when you are your age" the meaning of parents is good, namely to motivate the baby, but the method used is wrong so it is not a motivation instead it becomes something that hurts the baby.

and there are even words from parents that are very inappropriate for parents to say. Hopefully, fathers and mothers who read this article never do it. for example "we never considered your existence in this world" try to imagine how sick and falling children hear the words of parents like that.

As parents we must be more careful when saying anything to the baby. Never underestimate anything when you are dealing with children. as fathers and mothers we must learn how to speak well to our children. And also don't talk dirty and porn in front of your baby.

Mother and father try to learn about the words that will come out or be spoken to the baby, the content of the words, the soft language, the way of delivery and the tone of voice used to talk to the baby so that you are not careless in speaking on the baby.

As good parents we must really learn how to put out good words in front of the baby so that no bad words come out and we say it.

And also always use a kind and loving way when directing and guiding the baby.

That is what fathers and mothers need to stay away from. My message is to keep up with the spirit and continue to learn to be the best fathers and mothers and to be the pride of the children.

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