Prohibition! Scolding Children When They Are Cranky

Indeed it is difficult to handle children who are hungry, fussy, rolling around crying, screaming and throwing things around them. As a parent, you must be very upset and confused by the condition of your baby like this. in psychological terms this condition is called tentatetrum, this is natural if it has ever been experienced by a child.

As fathers and mothers we must use the right way to deal with children who are cranky and cranky. Father and mother must stay away from emotional traits that can hurt the baby either physically or emotionally or psychologically. Father and mother must avoid making loud voices, yelling and cursing with dirty words. if you use this method, the child will be offended and hurt, especially in front of the crowd.

For example, there is a mother who brings her child to the market and her child suddenly cries and is sulking because something triggers it. The mother was confused to see her child acting like that, finally she was provoked by emotion so she yelled, scolded and pinched her but her child was crying even more.

this method is not good and should not be used by fathers and mothers because this will teach the baby to be an angry, anarchist and tough person. as parents we are role models and role models for children, therefore use the right and gentle way to handle our children.

If father and mother find it difficult to handle a cranky and cranky child, you can use the methods and tips below.

1. Get to know the child's feelings more closely

as a parent, begin to get to know the feelings and habits of the child more closely. try to find out what he likes and what he doesn't want to do then don't use force when you introduce new things to your baby. introduce it slowly and slowly if the baby doesn't like to leave it alone, this is natural because they are still small.

2. Hug your baby

This method has proven effective in adults, including children. so when the baby is cranky and fussy try to calm him down by hugging him warmly because by hugging him the baby feels cared for so this can reduce the baby's anger.

3. Give a reason that makes sense

Young children do not have the courage to express their opinion so they often take it out with sulk and fuss. so you have to give a reasonable excuse when you want to ban or do something to them.

4. Be a good role model

So it should be noted for fathers and mothers that the child is very clever in imitating, therefore we must be careful in doing and acting especially we are role models for them, therefore Set a good example forthey.

5. Be calm

When the baby is cranky and fussy in public places, the father and mother don't have to panic first and try to calm them down by yelling and hitting the baby, but the father and mother can carry and carry the baby to a quieter place then invitetalk to the baby about the problem.Hopefully the tips above are useful and can help mothers and fathers in dealing with cranky and fussy babies.

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