Prohibition! Scolding Your Child for Not Listening

It is self-explanatory that as a parent you should set a good example for your baby.So if the mother and father scold the baby for not listening, then don't be wrong if the baby grows up to be a rebellious and angry child.

Next I will explain to the father and mother what bad and negative effects befall their children when they are always scolded.

1. Children grow to be insecure

Children who are scolded by their parents every day make them afraid of making mistakes and children also tend to choose the comfort zone because they are afraid of being scolded by their parents again, this makes their self-confidence faded and lost.

2. To be selfish and stubborn

Because every day your baby is scolded and scolded by their parents, they will gradually become selfish. This is because the baby no longer wants to be scolded by his parents, so he chooses to be selfish over others. And also the baby will grow to be stubborn and difficult to get input.

3. Grow up to be a rebellious and challenging child

Because every day children are scolded and scolded by their parents.  They feel tired and hurt so they start to dare to challenge their parents and even speak harshly. This kind of thing is done by children because they feel pressured and hurt. Just imagine if you were colonized by the Dutch, that is the psychological condition of children who are always scolded. so as a parent you have to be careful to use the right way. There are many good and appropriate ways that can be used by mothers and fathers to direct their children.

4. Children become stressed

The baby who is often scolded is usually easily stressed because he gets constant pressure from his parents. The mental condition of the baby becomes unhealthy when the baby's condition is severe, the father and mother can take him to the experts.

5. Being an angry child

Parents are role models for children so don't blame them if children become angry because their parents set an angry example.

6. Passive and less creative

Children who are always scolded by their parents make themselves afraid of being wrong, this is what causes children to become passive and their creativity is cut off.

By knowing the bad effects of children who are often scolded by their parents, I hope that mothers and fathers can be more careful when ordering or directing children.

So father and mother use a good, appropriate and loving way when directing our children.

So this is how dad and mom are when you order or direct your baby. they will not immediately respond because your orders are not the main thing for them because the world of children is playing so children prioritize playing more than anything else. so moms and dads have to be creative, look for ways and tricks so they want to hear what you have to say.

And it is necessary for fathers and mothers to know also not to threaten the baby because this is also the reason the baby does not want to listen to you. And this method is very worrying, so stay away from this method ..

Less close to the baby means that between parents and children there is no warm relationship. This is also the reason why children don't want to listen. it is indeed difficult, but we must try and continue to learn how we can make our children happy and proud. Remember, father and mother, making children happy is a noble task, no matter how difficult it is, there must be a way.

so moms and dads use kind and kind words, for example if you want to direct or tell your baby to take a broom then you can use the word "please" for example, "please bring me a broom, please!" so the child does not feel forced because the word is very touching for the baby.

The book entitled 101 Mistakes in Educating Children says that when we refer to children who are 6 years old or preschool age, that is, when they finish playing and the toys fall apart, don't tell them toTidy up but Say "let's clean up the toys together!"In this way, the baby will get used to tidying it up on their own so without telling them to tidy it up, the children will become more independent.

the point is father and mother use a good way of speaking, directing and guiding the baby.


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