Prohibition! Threatening The Children

Watch out if the toy is not tidied up, then mom will give it to someone "or for example," watch out if you don't obey me I'll be jewed! So the father and mother directing the child in a threatening way is a way that is not appropriate and appropriate to be applied to children.

Why is it like that? In fact, directing children in a threatening way is effective but cannot last long and the child does not want to listen, instead the child dares to challenge. There are also those who say threatening is a form of psychological violence against children. Apart from these reasons, there are other negative effects that befall children who are often threatened, including :.

1. Passive and less creative

for example, "watch out later if you don't want to learn later, mom is jewer," her mother said or for example, "watch out if you still cry, you'll stay on the street" now, threats like this can make children dare to explore and be less creative. Why? because they want to learn it because they are afraid of their parents not because of their own desire so they become passive and less creative.

2. Being timid

because they often receive threats from their children to be cowardly because everything they do arises from threats from their parents. Especially when the baby is curious, then the parents forbid it by threatening the baby.

3. Not confident

As good fathers and mothers we must be careful of children's self-confidence because self-confidence is a very important and difficult thing to obtain. so when the baby is always being threatened, this can make their self-confidence lose because every time they want to know something they always get threats and restrictions.

And this is what makes them insecure. learn to be more careful in directing the children. Learn to use the right way, not carelessly.

so father and mother must be more careful, never underestimate anything when dealing with children. Why? Because often parents threaten their children because they forget that educating their children is important or they don't know so they are careless when dealing with their children.

In fact, there are parents who do not feel that they think they are enough to educate their children because seeing other parents is enough like that. And also the busyness of everyday life which is often used as an excuse to forget the main goal.

hi this is what makes us careless so that we use improper and good ways when dealing with babies. .remember, father and mother directing the baby in a good way is happiness and a noble duty so whatever the problem is, there must be a solution.

for that father and mother must be more careful and remember our goal, which is to make the baby happy.

So the mother and father threaten the baby is not a good way to deal with or direct the child.

Source of writing

  • Iriani, Dewi. indscript Creatif. 2014. 101 Errors in Educating Children. Jakarta: PT Elex Media Komputindo, the Gramedia group.

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