Prohibition! Too Much Use of the Word "Don't" When Prohibiting Children

The word "don't" even though this word consists of 5 words but this word is quite dangerous if we cannot use it properly on our children. 

For example, the baby will hold the ashtray and the parents say, "Don't touch it, it will get dirty" or the baby will pull the tablecloth with a flower pot on it and the parents say "don't pull it, the pot will fall.

or parents say don't jump on the bed, don't touch hot water, don't enter the cupboard, don't snack carelessly and so on.

So this is how dad and mom are if you say this word and use it to forbid your baby, then they will get bored so that the word is not an explanation and warning to them but instead becomes a wind passing through their earsthey.

They will become more and more rebellious because they feel that they are always wrong, are considered negative and feel that they should not do anything by you and they will no longer want to hear important things from you anymore.

so what is the solution? So father and mother can replace the word "don't" with "may but" for example, a baby is sick with a cough and wants to eat ice cream so you don't say "don't eat ice cream, you still cough" but say "you can eat ice creamwhen you don't cough anymore.Or, for example, if your baby is jumping on the bed, don't say "Little brother, don't jump on the bed. Try changing it by saying" Isn't it good for your younger sibling to sleep? if it is made jumping right or not? And so forth.

So mom and dad don't use the word "don't" yes! use a way other than using the word "don't" a lot of words other than the word "don't" really! that can be used by mothers and fathers to prohibit the baby.

And if mom and dad are still having trouble saying it, try to get used to saying the words beforehand or practice saying the words.

So how easy it is for father and mother, not just changing the words, we can deal with the baby so that the baby's growth and development does not experience interference.

so don't let father and mother become careless parents because they use the wrong way to forbid. And don't forget to keep up the spirit!

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