Signs Parents Can Not Be Adult in Children

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As a child, which one did you experience?

Being a good parent is not easy. You could say, it takes a lifelong learning process to adjust to the child's growth and development. Maturity of parents is very important here.

Unfortunately, not a few also have parental status but are not psychologically as mature as what is needed to be able to assist children properly. What are the signs that parents are not able to be mature in children? see the following reviews:

1. Still prioritizing self-pleasure over children's needs

Not that parents don't need to please themselves occasionally. But remember, there are already children who should be prioritized. Do not let parents waste more money to please themselves while the needs of children tend to be modest.

For example, parents still like this snack, while the nutritional adequacy of children is neglected. Parents spend a lot of money to buy cigarettes, but milk for children cannot be bought. In fact, the child's future is still very long. must be prepared early.

2. Being impatient with the child's curiosity

Indeed, children's questions sometimes make parents tired of answering them. Nothing is asked, often the questions are repeated. But this is precisely a sign that the child's curiosity is well developed. This was a golden time to start filling his mind with various insights.

However, immature parents do not give satisfying answers, but rather carelessly. Think their answer won't have any effect on the child. Some parents even yell at their children and call them talkative.

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3. Frequent fights in front of children

If it's just a small dispute it is still fairly normal to occur in the daily life of a family. But the fierce fights of the parents are clearly not worthy of the child's sight. When each other's emotions are running out of control, it's not just a rising voice.

Often times it also involves profanity or even physical violence. This is very bad for the child's psyche. She will feel scared without ever knowing who she can tell her fear to.

4. Instead of supporting children's talents and interests, they impose their ambitions

Maybe parents just want what's best for their child. It could also be that previously there were parental aspirations that had not been fulfilled so that he wanted the child to continue with it. But is this fair to children?

Parents need to be open minded. Their children very likely have talents and interests that are very different from theirs. If it is forced, the child will be very depressed and the results will not even be optimal.

5. Prohibit love affairs of children without clear reasons or force matchmaking

If the child's lover clearly has a bad record, it is natural for parents to forbid their relationship. But if in fact there is no good reason, only differences in taste between children and parents, of course this is very selfish.

however, it is the child who will undergo the relationship. He knows the best who suits him. When parents force her to marry someone else, who will bear the unhappiness if not the child? Aren't you sorry?

6. Always want the child to be at home with him and dedicate himself

Even though in their youth, parents also felt for themselves the great desire to leave and learn to live independently. So why do you force your child now to stay by his side and devote himself to him?

Both boys and girls have the same right to develop themselves. arents must be ready if migrating or living separately from them is their choice.

If the child is successful, of course the goodness will also reach the parents. Do not let the child become underdeveloped because they are constantly forced to live at home with their parents and do not freely develop themselves.


7. Organize children's households

In the name of having more experience or whatever, parents should understand that being bothered by their household matters is very uncomfortable. The children and their partners want to start their own families. Just like old parents.

Then parents should be able to hold back. Show an adult attitude by giving the child and the son-in-law the trust to master their household pot. Only give input when the child really needs it.

8. Very dependent on financial matters on children

This is certainly different from when the parents were sick. Although it is hard to believe, in fact there are types of parents who actually burden their children's finances with too many requests for things that are not urgent.

Of Of course, good children want to please their parents too. But parents should also be wiser. They have to understand that at a young age, children's income may not be stable .
Although it is stable, the needs of children are also not small. Children need to prepare for their future with their small family. This request from parents can also be a source of conflict between children and their partners
If someday we are parents, the eight things above should be avoided. But as a child, which ones have you experienced? Make a reminder not to imitate it in the future huh!

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