Stay Away From Arguments In Front of The Baby

It is necessary for fathers and mothers to know that quarrels are not the best way in a household relationship, especially if we have been blessed with children. So in addition to the relationship between husband and wife, the fight is also very bad for the baby, especially the psychological condition of the baby.

What are the bad effects that befall the heart due to the quarrels of parents in front of him. Father and mother may be able to reflect on the bad effects for the baby below .

1. The child becomes stressed

The parenting site says when children grow up in a fight their parents tend to be more stressed than children who grow up in a harmonious family environment. and also the sleeping conditions of the baby growing in an environment of contention are much worse than in a harmonious environment so that it can result in an unhealthy body health. 

2. Prone to depression

Children who see their parents fight are more at risk of depression because they have difficulty controlling their emotions and experience anxiety disorders. children will feel depressed depression because they imagine negative things that when the parents divorce he will lose one of both parents because he had to choose one of them. and the loud voices heard by children from their parents' quarrels also make them depressed.

3. Naughty

Children who see their parents' quarrels every day make their mental condition confused, stressed and depressed and the condition is not immediately handled, so they take their stress, confusion and depression out by not respecting peopleanother, irritable, angry when his desire is not fulfilled.and also took out his anger on his friend.

4. Not confident

Usually children who live in a contentious environment with their parents have low self-esteem because they don't have time to learn to have self-confidence. and because they have problem after problem that is not resolved immediately as a result of parental arguments. This makes her self-confidence weak and also a factor in depression and stress.

as a father and mother who are good and think about the happiness of the baby, avoid fights. No matter how small the fight, the father and mother should stay away from it. I do not agree with people who say that quarrels are spices in a household. It's clear that the fighting has an impact on divorce, violence and so on.

This is just an excuse for a husband and wife who are ashamed to admit their quarrel so that they dare to harm and mislead others. And even worse, without realizing it, this is clearly detrimental to the baby. for that father and mother must be more careful in the household.

So fathers and mothers learn to fight for intimacy between mother and father so as not to grow the seeds of quarrels in the household.

So father and mother, let's learn how to live in a harmonious family. let's continue to learn how to live warmly so that our children grow up to be good and happy children.

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