Teach Toddler Positive Behavior at Eating

Good behavior at the dining table can be applied to toddlers from an early age, in addition to becoming good habits. This can also reduce tantrums for toddlers who often come at mealtimes.

  • Experts explain that your little one can be taught to discipline and understand good behavior since he was five years old. To apply that, you need to teach your little one continuously and patiently. Because it is not uncommon for your little one to become irritable, fussy and refuse his food at mealtime.

Invite your little one to sit on a dining chair

Your little one has a high sense of curiosity and is energetic. In his daily life, he seems to want to explore everything. Just sitting for a few moments is a difficult task for your little one. Many toddlers are used to eating while playing, watching television, running and so on.

Mothers need to know that there are some bad risks that can occur if your little one often eats while running or playing. Here's how your little one doesn't get used to eating while doing other activities. Among others:

  • You should understand that changing this behavior requires patience and effort.
  • Discuss your plan for attitudes to family members, so that it is easier for you to implement changes consistently.
  • You must be a good role model for your little one, don't let your little one see you eating while walking at home.
  • Adopt the baby's eating routine, reminding him to sit well at the table and free himself from distractions such as toys and television.
  • Turn off the television at mealtime.
  • Do not let a fight occur in the dining room because Mother forces your little one to sit on the dining chair. You still have to focus on making mealtimes enjoyable.
  • Talk to your little one in a gentle and reasoned manner, explaining why sitting in a dining chair while eating is the best way.
  • Teach your little one to bring her cutlery to the kitchen after she is finished using it.
  • Mothers should be consistent, get your little one used to sitting while eating his snack.
  • Give praise to your little one when he has shown the change in attitude that you want.
  • Mothers must be realistic in implementing their little one's mealtime.

Dining Table Ethics and Toddlers

Here are some recommendations for mothers to teach toddlers to have positive table behaviors.

  • Involve your little one when Mother is setting the dining table.
  • Give an example to your little one and show Mother's positive habits at the dinner table.
  • Your little one likes to be equated with other family members who are bigger than him. If he is ready to sit in the regular dining chair, then he is allowed to leave his special dining chair.
  • Explain why table etiquette is important, including teaching your little one about the difference between eating in a casual setting at home or eating in a formal setting in certain restaurants.
  • Tell your little one about the benefits of understanding ethics at the dinner table. For example, you can give an example of chewing food while talking and this is very difficult, besides that your voice cannot be heard clearly.
  • Remind wisely if your little one is negligent about the table etiquette that you have taught.

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