Teaches The Latch On Technique in Babies

The correct breastfeeding position is an important part of the breastfeeding process. The wrong position will make your breasts feel sore and the milk does not flow smoothly. As a result, babies may not get the milk they need and milk production is reduced. It is very natural for first-time mothers to have difficulty finding the correct breastfeeding position. 

But this can be learned easily from doctors, nurses, or lactation consultants. You can also find information through articles or videos from trusted sources on the internet.

One of the things that need to be considered in the correct breastfeeding process is the position of the baby's latch, which is the position of the baby's mouth when it is attached to the breast. .If the breastfeeding process is painful and the baby makes a loud sucking sound while breastfeeding, it means that the little one's latch on is still not right. To get the correct latch on position, pay attention to the following things:

  1. Hold the baby in a position so that the mother's stomach is attached to the baby's stomach.
  2. Position the baby's body so that the ears, shoulders and hips are parallel, to make it easier for him to swallow.
  3. Support the breast with your mother's hand, then bring the breast to the baby's mouth until he opens his mouth. When he opens his mouth, bring him close to your body.
  4. Make sure that the baby's mouth is wide open so that most of the aerola, especially the lower areola, passes into the baby's mouth
  5. The chin of the baby is attached to the breast during the breastfeeding process, so that the nose does not stick. .but take care not to keep the baby's chin against his chest.
  6. Support the baby's body, especially on the torso and buttocks during breastfeeding. Using a nursing pillow or pillow can help you do this

If the breastfeeding process feels comfortable, you don't feel sick, your little one looks like she is breastfeeding without any problems, and you can hear the sound of your little one swallowing, meaning the breastfeeding position is correct. .the following things will help you to get the correct breastfeeding position more easily:

  1. Find a comfortable sitting position before starting to breastfeed, so that you don't have to change positions repeatedly during the breastfeeding process. .after you get used to the breastfeeding process and know the proper breastfeeding position, you can try breastfeeding your little one sleeping on his side
  2. Wear clothes that easily provide access to the breastfeeding process, so you don't spend time preparing yourself.
  3. Hold the baby in a position that makes him feel comfortable, so that he can easily reach and release the nipple from his mouth
  4. Skin contact during breastfeeding helps your little one feel safe and comfortable, as well as helps the release of hormones in the mother's body that help milk out more smoothly
  5. If the breastfeeding process still hurts after the first minute, remove the nipple from your little one's mouth by gently sliding your finger between your breast and your little one's mouth. .after that, try again to position your little one for breastfeeding properly
  6. Wait for your little one to open her mouth before putting the nipple in her mouth. .You can also stimulate it by gently pressing your thumb on the chin or lips of your little one. Don't force him to open his mouth so that he doesn't feel traumatized.

Breastfeeding is supposed to be a fun process that helps you build a strong bond with your little one. This process can be torture for you if you have to feel sick every time you breastfeed. .Therefore, it is not necessary for you to feel guilty or inadequate if you do not have the correct breastfeeding position. 

Consult a lactation consultant to find out what problems are causing the pain that you are experiencing. .with the correct breastfeeding position, the benefits will not only be felt by the mother but also by the little one who gets breast milk intake according to their needs.

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