The Importance of Teaching Ethics to children

There was a child named Adam when he made fun of his small friend Aaron, "O dwarf!" .spontaneously, Aaron, who is called a dwarf, approaches him and then hits Adam for not accepting being called a dwarf, and then finally they get into a fight.

So father and mother this is the result if we do not teach ethics to children, they can easily ridicule and call their friends regardless of the feelings of their friends. Finally, there arose the enmity

Ethics is very important for a child's life even later in life, for example if a child has good ethics he will not have difficulty communicating with people or society. in fact, he can become a person who is needed by society.

Or in the future world of child labor for example, it is easy to find work. A company owner or others they will not just choose people. surely they are looking for and choosing someone who is honest, kind and polite to carry out work in their company or otherwise.

Therefore teaching ethics to children is mandatory for parents. For fathers and mothers who have not started to develop ethics in their children, from now on, try to instill ethics in your children.

And it is necessary for fathers and mothers to know that instilling good ethics in children from an early age is very good compared to when he is growing up. 

Fathers and mothers need to know that instilling ethics is not as easy as we imagine, so fathers and mothers must strive continuously and be more patient in teaching ethics to children because children will definitely make mistakes. and also do not teach ethics to children angrily or forcefully because it does not teach good ethics and this is how it is sometimes often done by parents .

And it should be noted that ethics is not something that can be inherited, but ethics must be studied and practiced in everyday life. 

There are many ethics that can be taught to children, including in good words, for example, children should not say dirty words and insult others. or ethics in calling, for example, calling mas or sis to an older person or calling an elderly person by calling mother or father. or ethics of being kind to parents, for example, children should not criticize their parents or ethics with their peers, ethics when eating and much more that can be taught to children.

The role of parents is very vital, in fact, therefore we must be more careful because learning ethics is tantamount to imitating someone, therefore if parents behave badly, children also behave badly so parents mustimmediately change the way and ethics at home.

For fathers and mothers, never give up in educating and guiding children because educating children is a joy and a noble one, so all obstacles and difficulties in guiding children must have a way and a solution. so father and mother keep up the spirit!

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