These 5 Trivial Things Can Make Your Relationship With Your Parents Even More Tenuous

Parents will be very happy if they can be close to their children, and vice versa. Unfortunately, sometimes these expectations are inversely proportional to the existing reality. For some reason, your relationship with them is even more stretched.

Even though it looks trivial, here are some things that can reduce your closeness to your parents. What are they?

1. When you live apart, you rarely give each other news

After growing up, you will usually go out of town to study or work. Because you are too busy, you rarely contact your parents. As a result, they also don't know how you are doing. Likewise with you who don't know how your parents are.

2. There is no chat or discussion together

By getting used to chatting or discussing, you will be closer to your parents. besides that, you can also learn to solve problems together. Conversely, rarely chatting will only make your relationship with them more apart.

3. Busy with their respective affairs

not only you, your parents' busyness can stretch your relationship. Especially if you and they are ignorant of each other and rarely greet each other. As a result, both you and your parents don't care about each other.

4. Harboring problems for each other and don't want to reveal them

You are often silent and bury yourself when there are problems with your parents. They also do the same when there are problems with their children. as a result, you don't know what each other feels like. If that's the case, the problem will never be resolved and you can't find a solution together.

5. Prefer playing HP than hanging out with family

having fun playing with your own cellphone when there are parents is a bad habit that can reduce your closeness to them. The time you should have spent together was wasted. even though maybe at that time your parents had a lot of free time to hang out with their children.

Well, you already know what things can stretch your relationship with your parents? even though it looks trivial, don't let you ignore it, huh.

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