These Habits Must be Owned by Parents

As parents, we certainly hope that our children will grow up to be good children, have good ethics, are healthy, smart and certainly have happiness in their lives. For that we must try to do anything so that all of that can be achieved.

In my article this time I will outline some of the habits that parents must have. Immediately, let's see the explanation!

1. Ask for permission from the baby when borrowing things

For fathers and mothers, try to get used to borrowing items from the baby because this makes the baby feel appreciated. for the baby this kind of treatment will make him a free person, make him able to be responsible and also make them feel appreciated because it shows they are the full owner of the things that have been .you give.So fathers and mothers have to be more careful with this habit because in reality many parents don't practice it.

2. Listening to children's opinions

This habit will make the baby feel appreciated, respected by us. And the baby will be more creative and love us. Psychologically, this habit will make it easier for us to give advice and educate the baby.

so yes, fathers and mothers should not forbid children to argue, defend themselves when they make mistakes and bully when children interrupt our conversation.

Use appropriate, kind and creative ways to correct their mistakes.Just know that the closest environment is the big thing that will affect the development of the child so if our family environment is like that, they inevitably will be the same. So I remind you again to use the right way and good ethics or a good example in teaching and educating children!

3. Do not impose personal desires

Enforcing personal desires is an omission and negligence of parenting.children have their own hopes, dreams and aspirations and this is something big that children have so that we as parents should be able to support them so that their dreams can be achieved.

Stay away from this method, father and mother, this method can make the baby feel depressed, sick and frustrated. So that it makes the baby experience bad psychological health.

If you give directions, try to use good methods and good ethics. .Such great parents will never impose their desires on their children.

4. Do not criticize the lack of children

Father, mother, try to understand their shortcomings, for example the baby gets bad grades, so don't criticize them but try to encourage them by saying that everyone has experienced it, show the advantages of the baby and givespirit so that the baby is even more excited.So mom and dad try to be more careful! that criticizing the baby is a fatal way that can hinder the development, intelligence, talent, and creativity of the baby. So my message as a father and mother, you have to be more careful.

5. Giving confidence in the baby

Giving confidence in children will make children more confident and independent. sometimes there are parents who do not believe the words, behavior and abilities of children.So, father and mother, try to slowly give confidence to your baby, for example, please take a broom in front of you or take your father's book in the room, please buy salt in the shop. And continue to increase according to ability and age.

father and mother also don't grumble right away! when the baby seems to have made a mistake, but try to believe what the baby is saying first. And also use good ethical methods to apply it all.

6. Keep promises

father, mother if you promise your baby then keep it, never break your promise!

If you don't keep your promise, your child will feel very sad and he will no longer trust you. so father and mother don't ever promise if you can't keep your promise. Use other methods, father and mother, how many!

Remember too! That close environment has a greater influence on the development of the baby. and the family environment is an environment that has close influence. So we as parents have to be even more careful.

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