Tips and How to Develop Your Child's Imagination

Do you already know and understand how technology such as computers, internet, robots, planes, smartphones and others actually started. It is from imagination that all of that begins and develops. therefore imagination is very important for children to have.according to Albert Einstein is one of the great figures with his works which are famous in the world that "Imagination is more important than knowledge" because according to Albert Einstein knowledge originates from imagination.

therefore increasing and developing children's imagination is very important and very useful for them.

And also every child has a different level of imagination ability. There are children who have a high level of imagination, there are also children who have a weak level of imagination. Therefore it takes practice so that imagination can develop optimally.

There are several ways to increase children's imagination, including:

1. Story telling

Storytelling to children is more precisely storytelling to children every night before they go to sleep because children will imagine these stories. You can also add scenes of big or small sounds according to the story to make it more interesting and exciting. Children will also know and remember various kinds of objects in a fairy tale. in this way the child's imagination will develop and be more creative.

2. Provide lots of books at home

For your little one, a suitable book is one with more pictures than the text. with colorful, unique and funny pictures will provoke and develop children's imagination. Books can develop and train children's imagination to be more creative.

3. Play

besides entertaining playing it can develop children's imagination. And also you as parents must provide various kinds of toys for them. And occasionally invite your kids to create their own creativity. You can also invite your baby to play outside with their peers.

4. Invite your children to know new places

every weekend or vacation time try to take your kids to visit new places such as museums, rice fields zoo, gardens, traditional markets and others.

In this new place, your baby will learn something new that will add to their experience. And your baby's imagination will develop well because they get new experiences from these places.

5. Let the baby freely explore

Children's curiosity is very high and they also really like to explore the world around them so as parents just let them play freely. you just need to watch and tell what is dangerous and what is not. And also you as parents must be able to answer your little one's questions because your little one will often ask yes. in this way the child's knowledge and imagination will develop properly.

6. Give rewards or gifts

Occasionally give them gifts either in the form of praise or otherwise for things they have succeeded in doing. it will energize them and increase their imagination.

Those are tips for moms and dads so that your baby has high imagination and creativity.

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