Tips and Ways to Overcome a Lying Child

We as parents must be worried if our children are used to lying. Children who are still young are not able to distinguish between truth and error, yes, for that as parents we must be able to explain in a good way that these actions are not good and should not be accustomed to.

So that fathers and mothers find it easier to deal with and find solutions, you must know what causes make them like to lie. Just take a look at the explanation below about the causes of the baby likes to lie.

1. Parents like to lie

Parents who like to lie, most of their children will also like to lie because parents are stars and role models for children so children will imitate the habits of parents. Even though parents teach children that lying is bad and bad deeds that must be avoided, it's useless because children will lie and continue to do these bad habits because they see their example of lying. 2.uncompromising parents.

2. Uncompromising parents

Parents who want their children to do whatever they think are good without caring about the opinions and desires of the child. Why is this the cause of the baby likes to lie, because the baby will be depressed by the way parents cannot talk to, so that the baby has no choice but to lie so that they are not scolded or given punishment byhis parents.

And do not make this way as an excuse that this is for the good of the baby. Because this is clearly a wrong and a bad way.

3. Fear of disappointing parents

children often lie, usually because they are afraid of disappointing their parents, for example, children get poor grades at school for fear of disappointing their parents, finally they say that their grades are good. that's why father and mother must maintain closeness with the baby so that the baby dares to say even though it will make him disappointed.

4. Having emotional problems

Children often lie, usually there are emotional problems such as depression, this condition can be seen from their changing behavior and they seem to cover up feelings and problems, lack of appetite, irritability, change patternssleep either difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much and others.5. Shame has flawschildren lie usually because they cover up their shortcomings, for example a child who does not want his fear of the dark to be known by his friends, he finally lies by saying that he had seen a ghost in a dark night.

5. Shame has flaws

To overcome a child like this father and mother must often talk and explain the importance of honesty and its benefits so that the baby does not like to lie. explain to the baby that honesty is a crown that we must keep clean and greatness. 

6. Children lie because they want to be praised

Children lie also because they want to be praised. This problem can be dangerous because the baby can be narcissistic, ambitious and hypocritical. To overcome this problem, the father and mother can try to explain and remind the baby over and over that wanting to be praised is a bad charactershould be shunned.Teach your children that we must be humble, kind and polite. And explain that being humble can lead to him having many friends and being loved by many people.

7. Avoiding an obligation or a job

For example, a baby pretends to be sick because he is lazy to do school work or doesn't even go to school.

To overcome problems like this, father and mother can try to find out what is the exact cause why the baby is lying or because the baby is lazy like the example above or because of something else.

Below are tips and how to deal with a baby who likes to lie.

1. Be a good example for the baby

Teach kindness and don't make it a habit to lie because you are the dream star for your baby so you must always show good behavior.

and if you do not lie on purpose then you have to be brave to apologize and admit that you were wrong. 

2. Give warning children when lying

Parents can give rules about what to do and what not to do. So when your kids lie, you can warn them.

and if the baby is still lying then you can punish them. Remember to use the good way!

3. Don't call a liar 

If they lie, don't call them or call them a liar, this will even make the baby feel like a liar and claim he is a liar and this makes him traumatized and doesn't want to do honesty again and turn around to do ithabit of lying.

4. Determine the cause

If the baby is lying then you try to find out exactly what causes it, so that the father and mother can find a solution to stop and keep this bad character away from the baby.

That's the cause and tips for overcoming the baby likes to lie. Hopefully all fathers and mothers do not have problems like the above huh!

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