Tips for Developing Children's Intelligence with the Family Library

The ability of the intelligence of the baby to increase, we as parents must also be able to support itone of the ways is to create a family library in my opinion this method is very effective for building and increasing the intelligence of children.

The baby will be interested in reading because in his house there are many interesting books because the baby looks at books every day.

And his love for books will slowly increase and this makes our children have a lot of new vocabulary words, extensive knowledge, extensive experience, memory enhancement due to remembering many characters, learning about settingsback, study history in a book, improve focus and concentration.and we know from parents that there are still a lot of benefits from reading books.

This kind of learning method is more effective than hearing from teachers in schools who sometimes still have pressure on children. because Children want to learn because of their own desires and wishes.

We know that the environment in Indonesia has very few places to read so that the baby's curiosity cannot be fulfilled.

So my suggestion is that parents make a small library at home so that their children can study independently.

And remember, that parents at that time would not be able to happen again, so don't ever regret it if our children's intelligence does not grow optimally

Tips and how to optimize the family library.

1. Look for a strategic place, which is a place that is often used as an activity, for example, a living room and so on.

2. Create an attractive library design so that the children feel at home for a long time there, so that gradually their love for books will grow.

3. Give rewards or gifts to the baby who has read the book does not have to be expensive, the important thing is the baby is happy with the gift. For example, your baby has read 7 books. You have to give his favorite ice cream gift.

4. Try to Create activities such as group study, coloring there, toys in the family library or others. So that the baby is always close to the book.

Those are the tips for you parents so that your baby will be smarter and more creative. good luck!

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