Tips for Good Punishment on Children

Every child will definitely make mistakes, for example fighting with siblings, skipping school, disobeying parents' orders and so on. as parents we have to give consequences or punish them when they do something wrong but give proper and appropriate punishment to the children yes!

Try giving the punishment below if your baby makes a mistake.

1. The law of facial expression

For example, children violate family rules, so you have to show angry or sad facial expressions that indicate you don't agree with their actions. through this action the baby will feel guilty for making angry, sad and disappointed with his parents.

2. Legal advice

If the law of expression is not enough to stop your baby then you can add to this punishment, which is giving advice. The trick is to continue to say your disappointment and sadness to your baby. explain that his actions were wrong and violating. Enough with a sense of disappointment like this, the child must understand and feel guilty and the child will apologize and will not repeat it again.

3. Don't give credit

You can punish your baby by not giving him credit when they are successful. .do not give the baby appreciation for their actions such as giving gifts, praise and congratulations because they still make mistakes that they are still doing again. this method will make the baby feel restless and can not stand it so that he wants to apologize and not repeat it again.

4. Give him social sanctions

You can give your children social sanctions, that is, "don't want to talk to them" by just ignoring them, your baby is sure to be restless and can't stand it because every day she used to talk to her parents. with this the baby will apologize and will not repeat it again.

Those are the tips for punishing that are good for the baby.

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