Toddlers Begin to Dislike Milk

Even though toddlers have received nutrition from their diet, the nutritional content of milk is still an important part of the growing toddler's diet.  Therefore, it is important for mothers to take action when toddlers begin to dislike milk.

Milk contains various nutrients essential for the health and growth of your little one. .as a guide, your little one needs at least 350 ml of milk, which can be processed into drinks and mixed with cereal, or you can process it as food. The maximum amount that your little one should drink is 600 ml per day.

Tips for 'Inserting' Milk into Your Little One's Menu

Your little one often experiences a fussy eating stage, especially when it comes to milk. However, you can do a number of ways to get around this. The following tips might be worth trying:

• Add strawberries to milk and name it 'strawberry milk'

• Pour milk into an attractive glass so that your little one is excited to drink it.

• Change the way of serving milk, if your little one usually drinks cold milk, try serving a delicious glass of warm milk.

• Offer a bowl of cereal and milk or oatmeal porridge plus milk for your little one in the morning.

• Increase your creativity by making potato puree (with milk mixture), pancakes, or milk pudding.

Give Other Dairy Products

Apart from milk, you can also include dairy products in your little one's diet.

• Cheese, pour cheese sauce over boiled vegetables / salad

• Serve yogurt as a snack

• Ice cream, pudding, or milk shake are dairy options that your little one might like

Do not forget to stay as calm as possible and always persuade him when your little one is fussy. Growth milk from Nutricia with balanced nutrition is able to meet the nutritional needs of your little one. This milk is suitable for ages 1 to 3 years to complement your little one's menu.

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